SE Hospital at Night

Southeast Hospital at night from Capaha Park 11-16-2011The way hospitals in Cape gobble up everything around them and grow new buildings like dandelions, this November 16, 2011, photo of Southeast Missouri Hospital may be outdated. It must have been chilly enough that nobody is sitting on the Capaha Park Lagoon park bench.

For photo geeks, it was taken with Nikon D40. The lens was zoomed to 32mm and the exposure was 1/2 second at f/4.5. The ISO was 1600. If I shoot it again, I’ll use my Nikon D7000 and see if HDR will give me a wider range of tones.

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  1. It gobbled up my boyhood home, and the entire dead end street of Sunset Court. The contrast with the hospital in the recent Capaha band shell photo is remarkable.

  2. Beautiful picture and very impressive. I remember when the hospital consisted of one building with homes surrounding the hospital on all sides. Times have really changed for all medical centers. Judi

  3. Hi Ken,

    We just bought a Nikon D7000 to replace our D50 for a trip to Australia and New Zealand. I have to ask – what is HDR? I looked in the manual and didn’t find anything. We’re still learning all the features and might want to use such a feature for night city or landscape scenes. Thanks for any help you can give!

    1. HDR is a neat tool, but it’s usually overdone. The basic concept is that the scene is shot at various exposures so that each one captures a different range of tones. When they are blended together, you see detail in the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights.

      I only played with it once, so I’m not much of an expert on practice rather than theory. Here is where I tried in on Tower Rock the night of a full moon.

      If you search for Nikon D7000 HDR, you’ll get lots of hits, including this one.

  4. I was an elevator operator at Southeast Hospital for a time when I started college at SEMO in 1965. Yvonne Askew was another one of the operators. We worked some crazy long hours on weekends and a few hours on evenings during the week.

  5. Ha, Ha, Ken! You are right! I heard that question many times! I was told that if the elevator ever broke that I would get to go home early because the repair people were from out of town…St. Louis, I think. I must admit there were days that I wished for that break. On weekends, I went in about six in the morning and worked until after visiting hours in the evening…around eight-thirty, I think. Sure made for a long day!!!! During the week there was a regular employee who worked daytime hours. She was off on weekends, so evenings and weekends were covered by the part-timers.

      1. No, I am not that quick-witted to have thought of that comment!!!! In fact, we were told to avoid jerks on starting and stopping!!

        The strangest thing I ever had to do was to take a corpse to the basement for the morgue. Usually they were taken on a different elevator than the passenger elevator, but it was not working that day. I kept thinking, “This will be the time the elevator breaks and I will be stuck in this little cubicle with a dead body!”

        By the way, the photo of Southeast Hospital is really spectacular. It has grown so much since the sixties!

        Happy Birthday!!

  6. When I pretended to go SEMO in the early 70’s I sold
    blood to both hospitals for $25.00 a pint. Several of us were on a list they called in case of an emergency.
    The money sometimes kept me from going hungry.

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