Putting a Lid on It

Hat display unknown storeThere are plenty of hat selections for the well-dressed man in this photo from March 1957. Picking out the right head covering must have been a family affair.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who the people are nor in which store it was taken. None of the signs on the wall give a clue.

Was it taken here?

Midnight Madness 1964 14Based on the HATS sign, it looks like it was taken at the same store that is in Frame 13 of a Midnight Madness sale I shot in 1964.


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  1. The small U.S. Mail box in picture #1 seems to indicate a privately owned store vs. a corporate store such as J.C. Penney.

  2. Thanks to that curious mix of work ethic and fashion sense, Buckners sold more hats than any store in Missouri during the 1960’s. None of those sold in the Men’s Department had bills, so thank you Cyndi, but the photo is of another store.

    Still have my nightshirt from these evenings, but it has some additional decoration from a Halloween use.

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