Janet Fenimore Robert: Recorder of Deeds

When I wrote about Jackson’s Hanging Tree back in March, I admitted that I didn’t exactly know which tree it was and had to ask at the Mapping Division across from the County Courthouse.

Janet Fennimore Robert quickly commented: I probably shouldn’t admit this because I might also be hung on the tree with the three commissioners but losing a tree that is falling down anyway doesn’t bother me as much as losing all that lawn around the courthouse! It would no longer be the courthouse square but the courthouse horseshoe! Ken, when you were in the Mapping office had you taken a few more steps you would have come to my office, Recorder of Deeds, just down the hall. We have stories to tell, also. And we like Wibs……

She knows who is naughty and nice

Recorder of Deeds, huh? That sounds like a cross between Santa Claus and St. Peter. Not someone you would want to be on the bad side of.

I stopped by to see my Central High School Class of ’63 classmate on primary election day. She was as anxious as I was when I ran for Student Body President. Fortunately for her, she had better results. She was unopposed for the Democratic ticket. (I garnered 163 votes out of a student body of about 1,200. Future Wife Lila didn’t even vote for me.)

She IS facing her first opponent in the general election since 1994. Janet is one of only three Democratic officeholders in Cape County. She was appointed to the office in 1977 by then-Gov. Joe Teasdale. She’s looking for her ninth full term. I won’t even think about getting into the nuts and bolts of a Cape County election. That’s way above my pay grade.

I was afraid to look at my permanent record

I was tempted to ask the Recorder of Deeds to show me my permanent record, but then I remembered that one of the last things I did before I left my newspaper job was to visit H.R. to gaze upon my “permanent record” there.

Ensconced between the covers of a manila file folder was my original job application. When my boss told me I had to fill it out, I figured he was just funning with me because I had already been working for two weeks.

When I got to the part that asked, “What are your qualifications for this position,” I typed, “I’m a damn good photographer.”

Thirty-five years later, it was still there, written in ink that was less faded than me.

I don’t think I want the Recorder of Deeds poking around in my records.

In case of emergency

This elevator sign in her building made me a little nervous.

9 Replies to “Janet Fenimore Robert: Recorder of Deeds”

  1. Janet, you have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I’m Mary Lewis Schaefer’s older sister by 8 years…)

    Always enjoy your e-mails, Ken. You’re a great photographer. And by the way, I wanted to comment before about the Blue Hole Quarry by the Blue Hole BarBQ place….my dad told us hair raising stories about swimming in the Quarry.

  2. Thanks for the story, Ken! Three weeks until the election and I am really anxious now! I have a wonderful family and friends that are being so supportive. We are going door to door and eating at a lot of church dinners. I am confident that your story will be a good omen. If not, I can blame any bad results on you!!

  3. Such a cute picture of you, Janet, bet you are the cutest candidate for Recorder of Deeds. Good luck and I know you will win.

  4. Martha, I remember you. Do you live in Cape County? Or were you just being polite about having your vote? Take all the help I can get.

  5. Thanks, Susan! I don’t know about cutest, maybe oldest!! Just want it to be over…….Not the best picture…no offense to Ken! You have to have something to work with!!!

  6. No black marks for you Ken! I think you did show me all those zillion pictures you took. Like I said “you have to have something to work with first!”

  7. Janet: Hey, you must of moved from the Riverside address. Let me know what your new address is. Still live in Cape? Maybe Jackson?
    My Christmas card came back.

    Bob Arrandale 12/2022

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