Splash Park Doing Well

The Missourian editorialized that the Cape Splash aquatic center is off to a good start in 2012. Hot weather sent 3,713 people to the facility over the holiday weekend. It pointed out that it made more revenue in one hour on May 26 than was collected last year’s entire first day. (To be fair, last year was cool and wet, unlike this year.)

Still, it’s hard not to wish Capaha Park pool was full of splashing and screaming children watched over by attentive lifeguards. If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see the train on the left and the small amusement rides in the right center.

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  1. Well, the old Capaha could never handle a load of 3714 people at one time. We had 800 baskets at the first and they would at times all be out. So there were at times over a 1000 to 1500 people in the pool a couple of times for sure. This happened when we had a week of temps in the 100’s and everyone came to the pool to cool off…at these times we would drain the pool a couple of inches at night and refill with cool water from the city. We got flack for it at times for the cost. We maintained it was for help reasons, hot water grew more bugs and the cooler water was then clear or clearer (and Cleaner too!)
    I would bet we did have 3 days off over a 1000 at many times while I was guarding. I forgot about the 50 and 200 swimmers in swim team and swim lessons so add them in too.
    I do hope the new pool or water complex does well and kids have as much fun as we did at the pool!

  2. I just finished getting my stuff together to go to the new water park for the first time. Some younger folks are taking a coupleof kids and invited my wife and me along. I’ll report back.

  3. Here’s the report folks. My wife and I were the oldest ones there. The Lazy River and the umbrella shade took up most of our time. The sky was a little overcast and the water was cool but the proper use of a little aclimation time got us in up to our necks after a while. A hotdog, chips and Coke for lunch made the belly I was trying to hold in, stick out, so I put my shirt back on. My dark glasses kept my wife from knowing everywhere I was looking. I couldn’t help but think back on the posts on this blog about those of you who were life guards and the stories you told about working at the Capaha Pool. The place was clean, not too noisy and restful enough so I’d say, all-in-all, a good day.

  4. Terry,

    I also hope the kids have as much fun at the splash park, but I have to say that I really doubt it. Best years of my life!

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