Name That Bridge

Dennis Scivally Park Photos by James D. McKeown III, courtesy Steven McKeown

About a year ago reader Steve McKeown sent me a selection of family photos taken by his father, James D. McKeown III. I was scrolling through my directory of scanned photos when these photos jumped out – not because the girls are cute, which they are – but because of the Cape landmark they are posing on.

I’m going to bet you’ve had your photo taken on it at some time in your life.

Gallery of McKeown pictures

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery. If you haven’t figured out where these were taken, I’ll give you a hint.

12 Replies to “Name That Bridge”

  1. Before construction began on the Brookwood Addition, financed in no small part by First Federal Savings and Loan, a trip to Dennis Scvially was definitely an outing into the country. The Grove’s Homewood was one of the few houses around, and the peach orchard was a mandatory stop along the way.

    Imagine that grade school boys once tested themselves by riding their bikes from Kings Highway out Cape Rock to the park for some crawdad fishing, no adults allowed.

  2. My sister Susan McKeown is in the polka dot jumpsuit. The kids in this photo were probably born circa 1950. If they graduated from CG area high schools, it would have been about 1968.

  3. Dennis Scvially park. on the Bridge…a very cool spot to pose such lovelies…now who is who? Ithink i see Jane…but…let us know.

  4. Spent a lot of time as kids riding our bikes over that bridge and wading underneath it. Having grown up in the Brookwood subdivision, we also spent a lot of time shagging flies and hittin’ “taters” (home runs)on long, hot summer days in the park. Great memories!

  5. I found my very first fossil just south of that bridge when I was in grade school at Alma Schrader. It was a fossil of a trilobite – still have it!

  6. Born in 1950, graduated CHS in 1968 and for the life of me can’t identify any of the young lovelies. If they were classmates of mine, I’d welcome the information.

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