Missouri Multitasking

Homemade cuspidor mounted chin-high in restroom in Advance, Mo, McDonald’s.

The manager gave his customers credit for the ability to handle two tasks at once, but he must not have trusted their aim. That level of confidence should give some comfort to the deer at the start of hunting season.

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  1. Wow! what great idea…most guys cannot hit a spitoon for their own height..so here you go!
    I am always amazed at the forward thought and pracital logic that comes from Swampeast Missouri.

  2. Oh, no! A spittoon in the Advance McDonald’s?? Are we a red-neck town, or what?
    Okay, Ken, I guess I’ll have to get over there and get the story from Robin, the manager of the Ross Minit Mart, where this restroom is located. Robin was once the manager of the Dollar General, and I know she kicked customers out for SPITTING ON THE FLOOR in the store!
    Can you believe it? In our defense, however, the DG spitters were from out of town! (I am not making that up!)
    I don’t think I’ll tell her that the word is spelled “spittoon.” It’s funnier that way!

  3. Ken, I just realized why I haven’t seen this bit of SwampEast Mo folklore: It’s located in the MEN’S restroom!!! Betcha a dollar to a donut that there is NOT one in the women’s restroom!! I will check after church today!

    1. I’ll save you that bit of research: one of my Facebook friends said she’s been in that restroom and was miffed that it didn’t have a spitoon / spittoon.

      I hypothesized said it might be because the manager was sexist and didn’t think women were capable of multitasking.

    1. Clarification noted.

      Still, I washed my hands in there before placing my McDonalds order. I guess that’s why I was confused.

      I guess I should make it clear that I got gas there, too, but it wasn’t from McDonalds.

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