Mario’s Is Back

Mario and Angela's Italian Cucina 03-27-2015When I hit Cape last fall, I was disappointed to see that Mario’s Pasta House in Jackson had closed. I was super happy to see a Facebook notice that it was going to reopen in Cape as Mario and Angela’s Italian Cucina. It’s located on Broadway and Penny, diagonally across from Southeast Hospital (or whatever they’re calling it these days).

All you’re going to get today is a night shot of the building. They were getting slammed so hard the other night that I didn’t even TRY to shoot photos inside. I’ll have the full report in a few days. (I ordered Stromboli to go. It was as good as ever.)

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  1. He has also set up one of his little portable trailers in Bloomfield at the main intersection on Highway 25. He’s put someone else in charge of selling pizza-to-go.
    His old rural location on 00 (my highway) south of Advance seems to be a storage site for a range of colorful Mario trucks and trailers. Three horses and two llamas graze in the field nearby. No food, unfortunately…
    He had a place in Benton for a short time, but it was closed every time we went by–and, for several months, there was a sign for a “Future Mario’s” at a unique house on highway 61 south of Kelso. The sign eventually disappeared. No food there, either…
    You never know where you’ll find Mario!

  2. They should do well in that location. The food was good and you got a decent amount for the money. Another place to eat in Cape!

  3. I visited them for the third time and still was unable to eat there. My first visit found them still trying to finish decorating and opening. The second visit found them closed. The third visit had them recovering from a oven failure and unable to bake pizza. When they were in Jackson, it was difficult to predict when they were open so I quit trying. On one occasion when we did find them open I asked them for a $25 gift card as a prize for our motorcycle club and was told that I could get one but it would only be good for two months. Good food is good food and brings back customers. There are other things about a restaurant that you try to avoid.

  4. no resturants have been able to make it in that spot since originally Taco Bell I think. It has been various mexican themes (El’ Torero’s twice) and several sandwich shops. I hope the Mario’s Pasta House makes it because we recently lost ‘The
    Pasta House’ and they are sorely missed.

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