M.E. Wright Bird House

M.E. Wright on 1636 Something Street had a pretty unique bird house under the eave of his house on May 16, 1967. Unfortunately, that is all I know about the photos. I scrolled through about a week’s worth of Missourians, but didn’t see the photo nor a story. Click on the photo to make it larger.

Here’s another interesting bird house.

49 Wright listings in Cape

The 1969 City Directory had 49 listings for the name “Wright,” but no M.E. Wrights. The closest address to 1636 was classmate Sally Wright’s parents, Herbert and Irene Wright on 1638 Luce. Wrong address, and that neighborhood doesn’t have spread-out ranch houses like this one.

Of course, it just dawned on me that 1636 Something Street could have been outside Cape. Anybody recognize the name, house or address?

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  1. Hmmm…that does look a little like I have seen that house before somewhere…could it be on Oak Hills…

  2. Terry,
    you are exactly right! The house is on Oak Hills and is 2 doors down from your house. The house belonged Bunky Wright and his family. It now belongs to the Womack family. The house has had some updates, including filling the holes of the bird house, no longer giving feathered friends access. It’s a very nice home and well kept. Mystery solved!

  3. Thanks Julie…I thought it was…and then go busy with Daytona and..forgot yo confirm it in my memory and repost…Thanks!

    1. I can’t answer for them, but maybe they didn’t want the mess. They might have been afraid that a bird could carry a burning ember into the nest and set the house on fire. Dad didn’t like birds nesting in his lumber shed for that reason.

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