Jackson’s Pioneer Orchard Part 2

I wrote last time about the apparent demise of the Pioneer Orchard west of Jackson. I reported that the only things I could popping up out of the ground where we once bought peaches, apples and cider were ironically name street signs.

Janet Fenimore Robert took me to task

I don’t think you went far enough!! I never go that way but Pioneer Orchard is still going strong. Also there are big trees on Oak, haven’t noticed their type but I will from now on. Are you sure you were in Jackson, Mo???????

Show me the trees

View Site of Old Pioneer Orchard near Jackson in a larger map

My mother and my wife generally tell me that I’ve gone too far, but Janet caused me to doubt myself, so I pulled up Google Earth to look at the area. There may be a few trees scattered around, but it’s not the orchard I remember. (Zoom in to see more detail.)

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  1. I made the same mistake I did not think it was as for out as it was unless i am mistaking Pioneer for another Orchard

  2. I’m confused of course it doesn’t take much for me. Are you talking about Pioneer Orchard’s Market or the actual fruit trees themselves. I was at the market a week before Halloween. I even bought some pumpkins & other gourds. I did notice there wasn’t as many fruit trees but they weren’t all gone. I’ve been going to this place off and on for over 20 years. After reading this I checked on Google. As of this morning Pioneer still has a face book page Pioneer Orchard’s Market. The Jackson web page has them listed. So unless you are talking about a different orchard or building or it has been demolished since October they are still ther and in buisness. I’ll even give the address 2008 West Jackson Boulevard. If the market is still open I’d hate for people to assume they’re closed by reading this articale. Thanks Ken Long

    1. Ken,

      The Market building was behind me in the photo above. It and the old farm house are still there.

      What’s missing is the acres of fruit trees that you could wander in picking fruit yourself in season.

      They may still be in business, but you’re not chomping down on apples that were growing on the hills behind the market.

  3. To true about the apples I can remember going in there and smelling fresh pressed cider. I know Diebolds has even gotten rid of a large portion of there trees. I think it’s a shame, I find myself wishing I could turn back the clock to a kinder gentler time. I’m 58 will be 59 in Feburary & have lived in Advance pretty much my whole life. Since I subscribed to this news letter I have been very pleasantly surprised with the fond memories from my past. I look forward to and appreciate your pictures & articales. They give me a few minutes of pleasure and happiness that I thought I had lost. Even though there is some sadness that a lot of these things are gone I’m glad there are still people out there who care. Thanks Ken keep up the good work. I’m hooked for as long as you do this. Your friend in spirit Ken Long

  4. The apple orchard on the same side of the highway as the market was sold several years ago to a french developer and a subdivsion was developed. The orginial house, other buildings,plus acreage are still owned by Stan Beggs and his wife LaDonna who lives in the large brick house. The market is owned by Sam Beggs. They do have an orchard across the highway from the orginial orchard.

  5. I did not mean to take you to task but I was sure the orchard and market were still there. In the fall they still take wagons and people to pick apples and they make cider. I only know from reading about it in the paper. They are still in business and I would hate for anyone to think they are not. I’m not sure that the french man developed the sub. They had some great plans for a french market area, etc., but that never happened. It is just another neighborhood!! Again, I apologize if I was “tasking”!!

  6. Ken, you are absolutely correct. In the summer of 1972, I worked for Bill Beggs at Pioneer in Cape, picking peaches, nectarines and apples. One day, the crew at Cape traveled to the Jackson orchard to help the crew (Bill’s brother ran that orchard) pick peaches. The orchard in Jackson virtually covered all of the property bounded by Mo-72 on the south, what is now Northwest Ln on the east, Orchard Drive to the north, to the second north/south treeline west of the small square block of orchard that is visible on the Google Map. For all intents and purposes, there is no orchard there now. Compare what you see in Jackson now, versus what Bill has in Cape:

  7. As far as I can tell, the only remaining part of the old orchard is south of 72, next to the Old Toll Road — you can see a square patch of trees clearly in the map above. I ride by there from time to time. It’s large, old apple trees that are not being maintained any more — the orchard is overgrown and I haven’t seen any sign that the apples are being harvested.

  8. I had my heart broken when the Pioneer market closed because I always come up from Iowa and see my cousins.

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