Is It That Day AGAIN?

Lila Perry Steinhoff – Ken Steinhoff Lila Senior Prom 1966

February 14, a day that strikes fear in male hearts. If you are dating, have you been dating long enough or too long to recognize and celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

William Saffire, one of President Nixon’s speechwriters, penned a political thriller where one of the characters had something go extremely wrong, and he “experienced a Klong – a sudden rush of excrement (not the word he used) to the heart.”

That’s what the married man experiences late in the day on February 14 when he looks at the calendar and thinks, “That date sounds like one I should remember…KLONG!!!”

See if you can pick out the good sport

So, here’s a collection of old and a few new photos of couples, relationships, queens and kings and the like. Most were taken in Missouri, but some oddball shots could have slipped in.

See if you can pick out the one shot taken early in someone’s relationship that could have ended it had the girl not been a good sport.

Valentine’s Day Gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then navigate around using the arrow keys. X or Esc will get you out.

Maybe I should have used the disclaimer I used when I went to take photos in some redneck bar. I’d stand up on a table and say, “I’m here from the newspaper to take pictures. If you aren’t supposed to be here, or you’re here with someone you shouldn’t be, hang out over in that corner (pointing) until I’m done. You’ll be safe.”

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  1. Hello Mr. Steinhoff, I know this may not be the best way to get ahold of you but I could not seem to find another way. I am making a video project on the history of the Discovery Playhouse for a class at SEMO. I was wondering if I could use some of your photos from this website of Walther’s Furniture store in the video. Thank you for your time.

    1. You can catch me at I saw your message come in and was getting ready to respond. We can work something out.

      Is “student” synonymous with “impoverished,” or do you have a big trust fund you can tap to pay for the photos? I’d prefer the latter, but I can work with the former.

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