Congratulations Larry Schirmann

For once I know who is in this 1966 grip ‘n’ grin photo: Larry Schirmann. What I don’t know is when it was taken, who the guy on the left is, where it was taken and what we’re congratulating Larry for.

Larry took 1st place over other university speakers

An enlargement of the sign says that Larry was “our representative” and that he “Won 1st prize in stiff competion with speakers from Missouri Univ. (Columbia); Missouri Univ. (St. Louis); Washington Univ; St. Louis Univ.; Southern Illinois Univ. and Westminster College (Fulton).”

Third Floor Academic Hall?

A slightly wider angle might provide some clues. They’re standing in front of Room 315. We’re informed that it’s the Department of …. but it doesn’t say which department. The high ceilings and dark wood framing makes me think it might have been in Academic Hall, particularly with all of the university references.

Anyway, congratulations, Larry. You look like a guy with a firm handshake.

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