Hats, Furs and Gloves

Semo campus c 1966Remember the day when women wore furs, white gloves and hats? These women were captured on the SEMO campus sometime around 1966. I have no idea who they are or where they were heading.

I’m also confused by what the woman behind them is dragging on a leash. Maybe it’s a fur collar that got away.

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I posted the following note last night and had several people tell me the link didn’t work. I reported the problem to Kid Matt. He gave me his usual verbal shrug over the telephone that conveys, “So?” then he went on to fix it like he always does. He gave me some long explanation about having to refill the throckmartin tank because the hamsters had eaten all the koala berries, or something like that. Anyway, it’s fixed.

I used to be able to post links to new stories on Facebook, but FB has changed the way it delivers status info to your timeline. If you “liked” a page in the past, you would get updates delivered to you. Now, FB is playing games to force folks like me to pay to “boost” our posts. If we don’t pay, only about 10% of my readers receive status reports.

Here’s an easy and free way to stay up to date on my new posts: sign up for the blog’s email notification service. It’s free, you get only one notice a day and I promise not to spam you. It’s as easy as clicking on THIS LINK or the “Manage Subscriptions” link at the top left of the page.

I don’t need Facebook when I have loyal readers.

10 Replies to “Hats, Furs and Gloves”

  1. Had the coat, hat, and gloves. Wore the heels with stockings….gasp! Thanks for taking me to a place in my memory that hasn’t been visited for a very long time!

  2. The woman on the left looks a lot like a slightly younger version of Barbara Limbaugh that worked at Cape Toyota when we were on Broadway at the base of Perry Avenue,complete with the glasses and hairstyle.

  3. Me too. Had the coat on the left, high heels and stockings and was quite miserable.
    I’d say they were headed to a ladies luncheon featuring a fashion show usually held on Valentine’s Day.

    1. BINGO! That must have been exactly where they were headed. There were other photos on the roll where college girls were wearing hearts. I’ll run those later. I wasn’t sure the two things were tied together.

  4. She is pulling the car…simple as that…or her dog is very bashful about doing her or his business in public.

  5. The object/animal on the leash looks vaguely like a bird. Does that make sense? It is surely an odd shape to be a dog or cat.

  6. The woman on the right with the fur stole looks like my mother, Dixie Himmelberger. I have that fur stole to this day. I’ve emailed my sister, Donna, to see what she thinks.

  7. I think the lady on the right might be my mother, Dixie Himmelberger. I have that fur stole to this day. My sister, Donna, doesn’t recognize the hat.

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