Go Fly a Kite

Kids flying kites c 1965These boys were flying a kite on a windy and chilly day in 1965. This was the era of buzz cuts and rolled-up pants legs. Click on the photos to make them larger.

They got the kites in the air

Kids flying kites c 1965Looks like the the boys are accomplished kite-flyers. The original photo showed three kites, but the film was so flawed I cropped one of them out.

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  1. That first picture was taken in the 2600 block of Janet Drive at the corner of Delwin and Janet Drive, looking west-southwest toward the large house on the corner of Janet and Kingsway. I don’t recognize any faces in the pictures, however, because that wasn’t my neighborhood.

  2. Not sure but it may be the boys whose faces are visible are Cary (sp?) Lewis (left) and Steve Martin (right), CHS class of 1970. I went to Alma Schrader school from the first day it opened thru 6th grade and I think I remember them from grade school.

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