Glued to the Zenith

Albert Underwood, Bill Hopkins, Linda Folsom watch TV in Steinhoff basementThere are some things I know about this photo, and a lot of stuff I don’t know.

What I think I know

  1. It was taken in the Steinhoff family basement.
  2. That’s our Zenith television. You can see the antenna rotor control on the top left of the set.
  3. We’re probably watching KFVS because the picture looks reasonably sharp.
  4. I’m pretty sure that’s Albert Underwood on the left, Bill Hopkins on the floor and Linda Folsom on the right.
  5. It’s probably 1963 or 1964.

What I don’t know

  1. Who the girl on the left is. I sort of want to say Margaret Randol, based on the hairstyle, but that’s a wild guess.
  2. Why they are watching TV at my house. Underwood was a year or more ahead of me and was on the school’s photo staff, but we didn’t run around together. Hopkins was the ineffective (or corrupt) campaign manager who handled / mishandled my unsuccessful student body presidential run. Linda Folsom and I dated briefly (her choice). It’s a strange combination of people to be engrossed in a TV show.
  3. What they are watching so intently. It doesn’t appear to be a news program.

11 Replies to “Glued to the Zenith”

  1. That TV is identical to ours. Folsomes were our neighbors – that could be the twin Lana (?) Just having Hopkins on your floor makes this an odd group.

  2. We had a CBS Columbia model TV. I never saw another one anywhere else. I don’t know where Dad got it, but it lasted until I went to college he got it in 1956 or so.

  3. Also, we’re wearing shorts and tennis shoes….probably spring or summer. I don’t think the other girl is Laura, maybe Margaret Randel.

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