Follow the Bouncing Balloons

After we finished in Dutchtown Sunday, I wanted to drive down to the Diversion Channel to shoot the water levels there. Just before we got to the bridge, Robin or Brother Mark spotted this amorphous blob rolling and bouncing across a wet field.

It was a cluster of green and black balloons that could shape-shift around any obstacle. I pulled over and backed up. It was the strangest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

There would be more video, but the last big gust of wind carried with it driving rain. Discretion and dryness being the better part of valor, I made a beeline for the shelter of the car. You don’t pay me enough to get wet.

Video of the bouncing balloons.

No telling where they came from, nor where they ended up.

A lot has changed

A lot has changed since this photo was taken Sunday. By Monday afternoon, the wet field had several feet of water on it. I don’t know how much is on it Tuesday night. I heard that both 74 and 25 are closed at Dutchtown.

Obligatory goodbye photo

I hit the road about noon Tuesday and made it to just north of Atlanta. I didn’t get hit by a single raindrop all the way. I didn’t know what to make of blue skies.

See y’all sometime this summer.

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  1. Great picture!!!! I so enjoyed meeting your mom and we had such a great afternoon. I look forward to spending time with her again. Life is so good.

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