Elk’s Lake

Elk's Lake 08-09-2014I don’t know how many times Mother has said, “Turn here and go back to look at Elk’s Lake.” I’m usually on the way to someplace important like Wib’s BBQ, so I drive right past it.

On this day, though, I heeded her directions to turn off on Limbaugh Lane, just past North County Park. (It’s a right turn, not surprisingly.) After a few twists and turns, Limbaugh Lane becomes Elk Lane.

It passes Elk Lodge #639, then goes down and curves past a baseball diamond. The road is marked 10 mph, by the way.

When the view opens up, you get a whole bunch of beautiful views of Elk’s Lake.

Guess I should have listened to her years ago.

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  1. Boy Scout Troop 5 put on a camp out there for the younger scouts to see what they did in scouting and to keep them interested. In the evening they would build a big bond fire and put on skits. Just as the sun started to go down the geese would start coming back to the lake. I always said at that time this is Gods country. It was really beautiful.

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