Downtown Jackson

Downtown Jackson and County Courthouse 07-18-2013Buddy Jim Stone, still vibrating from excitement after chasing a huge magnet up the Mississippi River yesterday rousted me out of bed to go to breakfast Thursday morning. I took him to the Pie Bird in Fruitland.

I got some work done in the afternoon and hooked up with him for dinner. He was in a dead cow mood, but didn’t want to go to the chain steak joints around the I-55 / mall area.

We headed to Tractors Classic American Grill in downtown Jackson. Not a lot of stores were open, but the street had plenty of cars and trucks parked on it. (Watch out when you open your passenger side door: the curb is high enough that Jim smashed my car door into it. Twice. Once in, and once on the way out. I think it was the scientist in him. He wanted to prove the event was reproducible.)

Good service, decent food

I was pleasantly surprised to find they have a non-smoking area that was more smoke-free than my last visit several years ago. Our waitress was friendly, helpful and attentive. My medium steak was a little overcooked, but not enough to send back. Everything else, including a fresh strawberry pie, was excellent.

After a number of glasses of wine, Jim volunteered to pick up the check.

I think he’s going to use my photos to prove this was a business trip. He was going on and on about how he was prepared to take the bullet if anyone on the riverbank took a potshot at his magnet.

Then, he went and banged my car door on the curb again.

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  1. Oh my! Annie Laurie’s got a new ad today! I would love to comment and/or make snide remarks on Jim Stone spending money on Ken’s dinner, but I must go over and click Annie Laurie’s new ad!!! and you should know there is NO downtown Jackson, only uptown…You may be right…where in Cape do you get a good steak outside of a chain?

  2. My first thoughts: When did Jackson get a downtown?

    I have to agree, it’s always been “Uptown Jackson,” and I’d love to know why.

    C’mon, Ken, there MUST be a story here!

  3. Ken wrote: Our waitress was friendly, helpful and attentive.

    I read: Our waitress was friendly, helpful and attractive.

    I guess the heat is playing with my mind. Hot & humid in Cape.

  4. I think Ken is getting into Terry Hopkins territory doing food reviews, ops Ken was doing them before Terry I forgot. ­čÖé I wonder if Jim Stone remembers working at Metro News back in the 60s?

  5. Two of my favorite spots The Pie Bird in downtown Fruitland and Tractors uptown in Jackson. Both have good food and service.

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