Cub Scouts at Arena Park

Virtual buddy Missourian photographer Fred Lynch dredged up a Frony photo of square dancing in the Arena Building from the 50s.

I have a variety of photos from the park, but these of Cub Scout activities were the first that bubbled to the top of the pile. I think the Scout leader sporting the drill instructor’s campaign hat is Rich Renfro.

The flags in the background look like the same ones in Frony’s picture. I wonder if they’re still there. They could have been 48-star flags in those days.

Game with wheel and stick

Outside the Arena Building, there was some kind of competition involving rolling a wheel with a stick.

How you hold your tongue is important

Pinewood Derby Gallery

Time has not been kind to these negatives, but I’ll throw them out here anyway. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery.

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  1. “Wheel and stick” I don’t know about there in the Cape, but over in Salem (Dent County) I wore out several of these. What we used was the rings that held the hubs of horse drawn wagons. We called them “Hoop and Guiders”. This would have been during and after WWII. When we wanted something to play with, we found or made something. Sure was nothing that required being “plugged in”. Heck, electricity had not reached us until 1949 and by then we left the farm and moved into town. And you know what…Life went on pretty well. If we were missing anything, we did not know it. Aah yes, these were the “Good Ole Days”

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