Carson Makes Splashes

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014I was headed over to the Emerson Memorial Bridge to work on an illustration for a Bill Hopkins mystery book still in the plotting stage. There was time for a quick visit to the riverfront. In the distance, I could see a toddler about the age of my Grandson Elliot throwing sticks and rocks in the Mississippi while being photographed by Dad.

Checking out the video

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014Amazing how kids that young can understand the workings of smart phones and tablets. He is obviously enjoying seeing himself. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

Loud moving things are trains

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014After watching for a few minutes, I walked over to meet Carson, age 18 months, and his dad, Brad. Brad has lived in Cape most of his 33 years and loves to fish on the river. While we were talking, the barge came close enough that Carson heard the noise of the engines and started saying, “Train, Train!”

Time to explore

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014Before long, it was time to explore a new section of the riverfront.

More splashes needed

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014Watching Carson pitch things reminded me of the boys skipping rocks with the old traffic bridge in the background in 1966, and the Duncan kids of Kennett learning the fine art of skipping from a stranger in 2011.

Toddlers are back-loaded

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014When I first saw Carson bending over facing the steep downgrade to the water, I was afraid he could tumble forward and keep on rolling until he ended up in New Orleans in a few days. (Dad was keeping a close eye on him, not to worry.)

When I got closer, though, I remembered how back-loaded toddlers are. Their center of gravity is well behind them, particularly if that diaper is full.

Telling him all about it

Brad Bollwert and son Carson on riverfront 09-10-2014It was just about time to leave, so Carson was telling his dad all about his adventures. Another man and boy are content to sit in front of the floodwall mural watching the action.

You can’t beat the riverfront at the end of the day.




4 Replies to “Carson Makes Splashes”

  1. Nice that a dad took time to do this with his son. The son will remember, but so will the dad that he had this time. It goes by so fast!!

  2. I have taken my 4 year old grandson to the river since he was old enough to walk and he still loves to throw rocks and sticks and explore the riverfront. We boated in the river for many years and my girls loved the sand bars and exploring. What a great asset to the community.

  3. Beautiful story. nothing better than spending time with your children. I know this man and he is a GREAT father !!!!!! The boy is beautiful and lucky and blessed.

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