Cape County Courthouse in Jackson

When the old Federal Building on Broadway in the same block as The Missourian became surplus, there was some discussion about using it to shuffle city or county offices around. One reason was that the existing county courthouse in Jackson is showing its age and is getting cramped for space. Here is an aerial view of the courthouse looking from the southwest to the northeast. The building with the light-colored flat roof at the top left is the county jail. Click on any photo to make it larger.

Courthouse from the northwest

This view is from the northwest looking to the southeast. The jail is at the bottom left of this photo.

Downtown Jackson

This photo, taken looking nearly straight down, is from the southwest corner of the courthouse square. Storefronts on the east side of the main drag show up plainly.

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  1. My great-grandfather, Linus Sanford, worked in this building as an attorney – walking from his home on High Street (which later was donated to the City of Jackson and became the city park). My grandfather, Clyde Vandivort, had an abstract business in the courthouse in the early 1900’s. I visit the building every few years and marvel at the grace and durability of the structure….and the history.
    Jackson’s centerpiece, courthouse square, is a wonderful example of architecture for the ages.

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