Buck Nelson’s Spacecraft Convention

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966I have to disappoint folks who come looking for photos or stories about UFOs in Cape. On the other hand, I got to spend a whole weekend asking people, “And, what kind of clothes do they wear on Mars and Venus?”

It was the summer of 1966, and I went on my first out-of-town assignment – to the Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention in Mountain View, in the Missouri Ozarks. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure it was an actual assignment. I think I just convinced reporters Jerry Obermark and Denny O’Neil that we should jump in my 1959 Buick LaSabre station wagon and light out.

The caption under the photo above read, “Bob Palmer sits at the registration desk at Buck Nelson’s Spacecraft Convention ready to sell visitors copies of  My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus by Mr. Nelson, More About Flying Saucers, by John Dean, or post cards depicting – in full color – a flying saucer spinning through the air.”

Cult ponders “space brothers”

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966I’m going to let Jerry tell the story the way he wrote in in the June 28, 1966, Missourian. I may toss in a comment or observation from time to time. The gentleman above who has the look of a biblical prophet is Buck, by the way.

Buck Nelson of Mountain View, an Ozark community, has more in common with the fabled Buck Rogers than his first name. Mr. Nelson claims to have ridden in space ships to other planets, to have visited and talked with “space brothers” and to be one of their contact men on earth.

Mr. Nelson is nearing 70 and has held a space convention on his 40-acre farm, seven miles northwest of Mountain View, in Howell County, each year since 1954, the first year Mr. Nelson was contacted by spacemen. The crowds for the convention have dwindled in recent years.

 This convention was one of the most disappointing.

James L. Hill – space brothers’ contact man

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 A larger attendance was expected, James L. Hill of Seymour said. Mr. Hill said he is a close friend of Mr. Nelson in addition to being the space brothers’ contact man for southwest Missouri.

 Mr. Hill explained that he and Mr. Nelson both formerly lived in California. He said Mr. Nelson was once a police detective in the Los Angeles, Calif., Police Department. Mr. Hill said he retired from the U.S. Army with the rank of major in 1920. He worked in different areas since his retirement and has written a few books.

 His main interest, however, and the reason for his being at Mr. Nelson’s farm last weekend was to talk about flying saucers and the space brothers. Mr. Nelson, himself, said little. But, Mr. Hill was anything but shy.

 Change in appearance

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 Mr. Hill told how Mr. Nelson looked different in appearance after the space brothers visited him in 1954. His face was white and his eyes looked as if he had seen a vision, Mr. Hill said.

 The cult finder’s medical records at the hospital in Texas County show that he formerly had arthritis, Mr. Hill said. After the visit, Mr. Nelson made a marvelous recovery, Mr. Hill said.

 Since that first visit, Mr. Nelson has been contacted many times times by the space brothers. He has been taken to other planets and visited several times at his home, Mr. Hill explained. Mr. Hill said he also has been contacted by space brothers. They visited his home, ate meals with him and communicated by telepathy, he said.

 Both Mr. Hill and Mr. Nelson were sent to Missouri from California by the space brothers several years ago, Mr. Hill said. He said, for lack of a better word, that a feeling or “hunch” came over them that they should move here. Mr. Nelson also had lived in Denver, Colo., prior to moving here, Mr. Hill said.

 Purpose of the visit

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 Main purpose of the space brothers visits here, Mr. Hill claimed, is to relay the message that the scientists here should stop experimenting with hydrogen and atomic bombs.

 When the spacemen first contacted Mr. Nelson, Mr. Hill noted, they said, “You have a mission and you will be told more as we want you to know.” Since that time, Mr. Hill said he has learned much.

 The space visitors that Mr. Hill has seen usually have black beards and are taller than 6 feet. The most recent encounter took place at Mr. Nelson’s house last September, he said.

“Billions of lights” in the sky

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966On three consecutive nights, Mr. Nelson said, he saw what he called “billions of lights.” The lights appeared to be 50 to 100 miles north of the farmhouse and were clearly seen from the road near his house. Mr. Hill said he and Mr. Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Henn of Willow Springs saw the lights. Mr. and Mrs. Henn told the same story, but they thought it happened in April. The lights were stationary, Mr. Henn said, and they appeared to be about the same size as a fluorescent street light. But there is no highway or town in the area where they appeared, he noted.

[Editor’s note: there’s another twist to this story that I’ll save for the end. Hang in there.]

 On one of the nights, after Mr. Hill and Mr. Nelson had returned from watching the lights, three “spacemen” walked out of the founder’s yard. One of the men took a gun from his pocket which shot a beam of light “brighter than sunlight.” The ray disintegrated one of Mr. Nelson’s sickly cats, Mr. Hill said.

 The visitors from space were all wearing uniforms similar to denim overalls and had black beards. They didn’t say anything when Mr. Nelson spoke to them, first in English, then in Indian sign language. Mr. Hill said he tried to communicate with them by telepathy, but they just walked away.

Space Brothers highly developed

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 At other times, Mr. Hill said he learned that the space brothers are a much higher developed culture than earthlings. He said they travel at fantastic speeds in any of several types of spaceships. They have no need for anything on earth, he said. The only reason they want to keep scientists from “fooling” with atomic and nuclear power because it could destroy the universe, he said.

 Several of the spacemen live on earth. Hundreds of thousands of them work as scientists and in Washington, D.C., Mr. Hill said. The United States space program has been infiltrated by them, he added. They normally will not interfere with experiments by the government here, but it things get too dangerous, they will interfere, he said.

Reproduce by thought waves

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 The spacemen live on several of the known and unknown planets, he explained. Many of them live for thousands of years. They can reproduce by thought waves or physically, Mr. Hill said.

 He said some of their favorite foods when they visited him in California were “peanut butter sandwiches, milk and coffee, but not too much coffee.”

 There were religious overtones in most of the speeches and private conversations on spacemen at the convention. Mr. Hill said Jesus Christ was taken up on a spaceship after his death on the Cross. He said that Jesus is the first born son of God and that he now travels on the other planets and talks to the leaders there.

 Two Projects

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966About four years ago, the space brothers told Mr. Hill and Mr. Nelson of two projects for which they were to be the contact men.

 One of the projects was for the building of a spaceship at the cost of $25 million. The other was a plan to make water available to anyone in the U.S.A free without the use of pipes by simply telephoning Mr. Nelson or Mr. Hill. The water project would cost the government $1.5 billion, Mr. Hill said.

 Mr. Hill said he drew up two bills and submitted them to Sen. Edward V. Long of Missouri, but they were not introduced in Congress. Mr. Hill said he could not include any of the secrets as to how the water would be supplied or the spaceship would be built. The bill simply asked for government money to build the center to be headed by Mr. Nelson and Mr. Hill. The space brothers were going to assist the men in both projects. He said he could not give details because he would be breaking a trust with the spacemen.

 When Mr. Hill was asked why the projects would cost so much, he said the figures were beyond his understanding, but they had been recommended by the space brothers. He said they would need to build a “nice space center” at Mr. Nelson’s farm. Eventually, the spaceship was to be for the use of everyone in the United States, he said. They would also need to buy some cars and trucks, he added. But the bulk of the expense was unaccounted for. Apparently the space brothers needed exotic metals and expensive equipment for the projects.

 Other bizarre tales

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 If some of Mr. Hill’s stories seemed strange, it should be added that equally bizarre tales were related by John W. Dean of Hutchinson, Kan.

 Mr. Dean said that the U.S. government has captured a few spacecraft and is keeping the public from knowing about them.

 The Kansan explained slide which depict several types of spaceships. He said the ships drew their power from the air by the magnetic pole and they had condensers.

 “I guarantee that what I am telling you is as true as we know how to get it. And it’s the thing that will save this country from destruction, if we will adopt what they are offering us. It’s all printed in the UFO magazine,” Mr. Dean said.

 Carnival atmosphere

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 The convention itself was similar to other conventions in only a few respects. There was a carnival atmosphere to some extent. Music from concessions and rides could be heard in the background. Several persons made speeches. Delegates from several states came to the convention to learn about the experiences of others and to relate their own. Persons who had read the advertisement also attended.

[Editor’s note: I learned at least two valuable lessons on my first away trip: (1) it’s possible to get a good night’s sleep in a $2-a-night boarding house with the facilities down the hall, and (2) never bet on a sure thing. On the way out of town, I cashed my paycheck, all $50 of it, so I was flush. Looking for a break from conversations about Martians, I wandered over to a carnie joint where I got suckered into a game where you couldn’t lose. The guy with his cigarette pack rolled up in his T-shirt sleeve spotted me an unbelievable number of points toward a goal with a big payoff. Since you accumulated points every round, there was no way to lose (as long as you had an infinite amount of money to keep playing). Just like the train will never get to its destination if it keeps going half-way, it soon became apparent that I was NEVER going to get to the magic number of points. I figured it was the cheapest and most valuable lesson I ever got for $20. Years later, I would find a book, Eying the Flash – The Education of a Carnival Con Artist – that explained how the scam worked.]

Benches for audience

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 A weather-worn building on Mr. Nelson’s farm served as headquarters for some visitors. Six rows of benches accommodated listeners. Microphones were set up on the platform and sandwiches and refreshments were available.

 The rides and concessions were an added attraction this year, but were not to distract from the business of the convention – to educate the people about the spacemen, Mr. Hill said. Other conventions are held annually at several locations, Mr. Hill added. One is scheduled for Giant Rock, Calif. About 10,000 persons are expected to attend, he said.

“Spaceships Welcome”

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966 Signs reading, “Spaceships Welcome” were posted around the convention area and were available to anyone who wanted one for his car.

 The convention closed Monday. The people of Mountain View will talk about the event for only a short time. Few townspeople were curious enough to attend.

 Nevertheless, most of those who commented on Buck Nelson’s space convention did not indicate skepticism in Mr. Nelson or even disbelief in this stories.

 One woman said she couldn’t see why the government was spending so much money to go to the moon when they could “just come out and ask Buck.”

Here’s Jerry at work

Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 06-28-1966I’m not sure how Denny and Jerry figured out who was going to write the story. I give Jerry credit for writing it right down the middle. He reported it straight without poking fun at anyone, although I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a story with so many attributions and “he saids.” We could only stand about two hours at a stretch before we’d pile in the car to drive away to decompress. Jerry is the guy on the right trying to keep a straight face.

The crazy kicker

Ken Steinhoff 1959 Builck LaSabre station wagon at Buck Nelson Flying Saucer Convention 74I promised you a twist to the “billions lights” story. Well, in addition to the lights, Buck told the tale about going out of town one weekend and coming back to find a tree that had been in his yard gone without a trace. “The space brothers must have wanted to take that tree to study. They probably levitated it right away without leaving so much as a leaf or piece of bark behind.”

When we started to head back to Cape, I noticed that I had picked up a nail in a tire, resulting in a slow leak. We stopped at the first service station in Mountain View where the kid who fixed my flat was curious about what we strangers were doing in town.

“We’re covering Buck Nelson’s Flying Saucer Convention,” I explained.

“That old Buck,” the kid said, “We have a bundle of fun with him. Every once in awhile we’ll go out there with a bunch of rockets and shoot them off over this house. The best prank we played was one weekend when he was out of town. Me and a bunch of my buddies cut down this tree in his front yard and made off with every speck of it. We didn’t leave a single scrap of sawdust behind…..”

The Sorry-There-Aren’t-Any-UFOs Photo Gallery

Here are a batch of photos from the weekend. I have a pdf copy of Buck’s book, My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus, but it’s about 10 megs, bigger than the blog software will allow me to upload. If anyone wants to read it, drop me an email and we’ll work out something. I don’t see any copyright notes on it and Buck, I’m sure, has gone wherever the space brothers wanted to take him by now. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to step through the gallery.

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  1. Good story! I wish I would have know about this place, riding on spaceships, eating meals with aliens, seeing a cat destroyed by a laser gun. Some people have all the fun. Liked the ending, sounds like something the kids from Cape would do back in the day to have some fun. Don’t thing MS Reed would have liked the tree story through.

  2. These are marvelous portraits. Sometimes human beings are as strange as space people. We’re plenty interesting!

  3. Great story, what s gas. Like Jesse I would have gone to this convention if I knew. Speaking of UFO’s, Dr. Harley Rutledge at SEMO was an expert on this area and wrote a book or two about them. I used to see him walking around the Oak Hills Drive area as kid when i was running, and talked with him several times on this subject. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread954719/pg1 he is link to his books and little about him. Who knew Cape was center for this study. Milton Uleke is even mentioned in this article!
    So maybe the space brothers did have a plan for Missouri. I always wanted to know someone named Buck…never did, at least yet, but what a cool name.

  4. I love it that the spacemen liked peanut butter. I also like to think about Jesus traveling in a spaceship. It would be awesome to have a. “Space Brother.”


    UFO Crash and Retrieval – Missouri, 1941
    Published: 9:50 AM 10/17/2010
    Depiction: Missouri Crash 1941
    One of the most mysterious stories of a crashed UFO with alien bodies preceded the well known Roswell event by some six years. This case was first brought to investigators by Leo Stringfield in his book “UFO Crash / Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum.”
    He opened a tantalizing account of a military controlled UFO crash retrieval which is still being researched today. The details of the case were sent to him in a letter from one Charlette Mann, who related her minister-grandfather’s deathbed confession of being summoned to pray over alien crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941.

    Reverend William Huffman had been an evangelist for many years, but had taken the resident minister reigns of the Red Star Baptist Church in early 1941. Church records corroborate his employment there during the period in question.

    After receiving this call to duty, he was immediately driven the 10-15 mile journey to some woods outside of town. Upon arriving at the scene of the crash, he saw policemen, fire department personnel, FBI agents, and photographers already mulling through the wreckage.

    He was soon asked to pray over three dead bodies. As he began to take in the activity around the area, his curiosity was first struck by the sight of the craft itself.

    Charlette Mann Expecting a small plane of some type, he was shocked to see that the craft was disc-shaped, and upon looking inside he saw hieroglyphic-like symbols, indecipherable to him.

    He then was shown the three victims, not human as expected, but small alien bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and hairless.

    Immediately after performing his duties, he was sworn to secrecy by military personnel who had taken charge of the crash area. He witnessed these warnings being given to others at the scene also.

    As he arrived back at his home at 1530 Main Street, he was still in a state of mild shock, and could not keep his story from his wife Floy, and his sons. This late night family discussion would spawn the story that Charlette Mann would hear from her grandmother in 1984, as she lay dying of cancer at Charlette’s home while undergoing radiation therapy.

    Charlette was told the story over the span of several days, and although Charlette had heard bits and pieces of this story before, she now demanded the full details.

    military intervention As her grandmother tolerated her last few days on this Earth, Charlette knew it was now or never to find out everything she could before this intriguing story was lost with the death of her grandmother.

    She also learned that one of the members of her grandfather’s congregation, thought to be Garland D. Fronabarger, had given him a photograph taken on the night of the crash. This picture was of one of the dead aliens being help up by two men.

    Charlette Mann gave, in her own words, an account of what she knew for a television documentary. Some of that account is given here:

    “I saw the picture originally from my dad who had gotten it from my grandfather who was a Baptist minister in Cape Girardeau Missouri in the Spring of ‘41. I saw that [picture] and asked my grandmother at a later time she was at my home fatally ill with cancer so we had a frank discussion.

    “She said that grandfather was called out in the spring of 1941 in the evening around 9:00-9:30, that someone had been called out to a plane crash outside of town and would he be willing to go to minister to people there which he did.”

    “Upon arrival it was a very different situation. It was not a conventional aircraft, as we know it. He described it as a saucer that was metallic in color, no seams, did not look like anything he had seen. It had been broken open in one portion, and so he could walk up and see that.

    “In looking in he saw a small metal chair, gauges and dials and things he had never seen. However, what impressed him most was around the inside there were inscriptions and writings, which he said he did not recognize, but were similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics.”

    “There were 3 entities, or non-human people, lying on the ground. Two were just outside the saucer, and a third one was further out. His understanding was that perhaps that third one was not dead on impact. There had been mention of a ball of fire, yet there was fire around the crash site, but none of the entities had been burned and so father did pray over them, giving them last rites.

    “There were many people there, fire people, photographers, and so they lifted up one, and two men on either side stood him up and they stretched his arms out, they had him up under the armpits and out here.

    As I recall from the picture I saw, he was about 4 feet tall, appeared to have no bone structure, soft looking. He had a suit on, or we assume it was a suit, it could have been his skin, and what looked like crinkled, soft aluminum foil. I recall it had very long hands, very long fingers, and I think there were three but I cannot swear to that.”

    “My grandfather upon arrival, said there were already several people there on the scene, two that he assumed were local photographers, fire people, and so not long after they arrived, military just showed up, surrounded the area, took them off in groups separately, and spoke to each of them.

    “Grandfather didn’t know what was said to the others, but he was told ‘this didn’t happen, you didn’t see this, this is national security, it is never to be talked about again.’

    “My grandfather was an honorable man, being a preacher, that’s all that needed to be said to him. And so he came home and told the story to my dad, who was there, and my grandmother and my uncle. Now my mother was expecting at the time, so she was off in the bedroom.”

    “My sister was born May 3, 1941, so we are assuming this was the middle to the last of April. And he never spoke of it again. But about two weeks later, one of the men who had a personal camera that he had put in his shirt pocket, approached grandfather and said I think someone needs a copy of this.

    “I have one and I would like you to keep one. So that’s how it came about that grandfather had the picture to begin with. But he never spoke of it again. The other people seem to be very intimidated and very frightened and paranoid.”

    Other living supporting witnesses include Charlette Mann’s sister who confirmed her story in a notarized sworn affidavit, and the living brother of the Cape Girardeau County sheriff in 1941, Clarance R. Schade. He does remember hearing the account of the crash, yet does not have many details. He does recall hearing of a “spaceship with little people.”

    Depiction of alien There are also Fire Department records of the date of the crash. This information does confirm the military swearing department members to secrecy, and also the removal of all evidence from the scene by military personnel.

    Guy Huffman, Charlette’s father also told the story of the crash, and had in his possession the photograph of the dead alien. He showed the picture to a photographer friend of his, Walter Wayne Fisk.

    He has been contacted by Stanton Friedman, but would not release any pertinent information.

    Charlette had no luck in getting Fish to return calls or answer letters. It has been rumored that Fisk was an advisor to the President, and if this was the case, would account for his silence on the facts of the Missouri crash.

    This case ends like many others, but appears by all indications to be authentic. All who have come in contact with Charlette Mann found her to be a trustworthy person who is not given to sensationalism, and has sought no gain from her account.

    There is still research being done on the Missouri crash, and hopefully more information will be forthcoming to validate this remarkable case.

    (B J Booth)

    Source: “UFO Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum,” by Leo Stringfield.

    ADDENDUM: 02-18-04 – Local UFO probe Researcher seeks answers to report of crash in 1941
    By Peggy O’Farrel, Southeast Missourian
    A Virginia man is investigating the possibility that a UFO crashed near Cape Girardeau in 1941. “That would be six years before Roswell,” said James Westwood of Centreville, Va., referring to the 1947 incident in which the government allegedly recovered and then covered up a UFO crash in New Mexico.

    “That would put Cape Girardeau County on the UFO map,” he said.

    Southeast Missouri already is known for UFO activity. Dr. Harley Rutledge, a former chairman of the physics department at Southeast Missouri State University who is now retired, has investigated reports of strange sights seen flying through the skies near Piedmont and other UFO reports.

    “Project Identification: The First Scientific Field Study of UFO Phenomena,” outlines Rutledge’s research.

    Westwood said Rutledge told him he has not heard of the 1941 incident. Westwood, a retired Navy man and engineer, is looking for people who may remember an incident from 1941 when some type of aircraft reportedly crashed approximately 3 to 15 miles outside Cape Girardeau.

    Westwood bases his investigation on an account by Charlotte Mann, a Texas woman whose grandfather, the Rev. William Huffman, was the pastor of Red Star Baptist Church from 1941 to 1944.

    Leonard H. Stringifield, a renowned UFO investigator, recounted Mann’s story in the July 1991 issue of his “Status Report,” a monthly publication on UFO activities and investigations.

    Mann told Stringfield her grandfather got a call one spring night from police asking him to accompany them to the site of an airplane crash outside town in case the victims needed a clergyman.

    “A car was sent to get him, but grandmother said it wasn’t a police car,” Mann said in Stingfield’s recounting of the story.

    “When Huffman got to the crash scene, Mann said, he noticed one piece of the wreckage that appeared to have a rounded shape with no edges or seams,” and a “very shiny, metallic finish.”

    “Police officers, plainclothes men, and military officers were already at the scene sifting through the wreckage, Mann said. Laid to one side of the scene were “three bodies, not human,” she recounted.

    “It was hard for him to tell if they had on suits or if it was their skin, but they were covered head to foot in what looked like wrinkled aluminum foil,” Mann said.

    “He could see no hair on their bodies and they had no ears. They were small framed like a child, about 4 feet tall, but had larger heads and longer arms.”

    Their faces had large, oval-shaped eyes, no noses, just holes and no lips, just small slits for mouths,” Mann said.

    Huffman was told by one of the military officers at the scene not to tell anyone what he had witnessed for security reasons, Mann told Stringfield. Huffman told his wife, Floy, and their two sons what he had seen when he returned home from the crash site, but never spoke of it again, said Mann.

    Huffman died in 1959. His wife, who died in 1984, told Mann the story. A few weeks after the crash, Huffman was apparently given a photo of two men holding one of the corpses found at the scene. Mann’s father loaned the photo to a friend but never saw it again.

    Now Westwood, who read Mann’s account in Stringfield’s publication, is looking for others who may remember hearing about the crash. “What you need here is another source, at least one other person who says, I sort of remember this,” Westwood said.

    “Even if it’s a second-hand account, you’ve at least got another source.”

    “Mann’s account says the crash happened in the spring. Westwood speculates it may actually have happened in the fall because of the mention of a field fire caused by the crash. In the spring, he reasons, vegetation would have been too wet to burn easily. “But in the fall, it’s very dry,” he said.

    He also speculates the military officers on the scene may have been called in from an Army Air Corps base in Sikeston at the time. If the crash happened, the military and police wouldn’t have known what they were looking at, Westwood said, because Roswell and the other early UFO sightings hadn’t happened.

    And the incident may have been covered up for military security reasons since the U.S. was gearing up for World War II, he said.

    “It wouldn’t be implausible” for the incident to have been reported as an airplane crash,” Westwood said.

    Westwood began researching Mann’s story at the beginning of the year. He has been in Cape Girardeau for the last week reviewing local records and looking for potential sources. He hasn’t had much luck. So far no one he has talked to has admitted to knowing anything.

    “There isn’t anything that I would consider even close,” Westwood said.

    He found a report of a student pilot’s airplane crash near Morley in Scott County in May 1941, and a local pilot told him about another crash near Oak Ridge that happened in spring 1941.

    The other problem is the Huffmans left the area not long after the alleged crash. The Cape Girardeau city directory lists the Huffmans from 1942 to 1944, but they aren’t listed in the 1945 directory.

    Records from the Southeast Missourian say Huffman became the pastor of the church in September 1941.

    And Stringfield, who investigated hundreds of reports of UFO crashes and retrievals, died in 1994. His family has refused to release his files to other researchers.

    Westwood says he has never seen a UFO or been in contact with extraterrestrials.

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that UFOs are real flying objects from outer space,” he said. He points to similarities in thousands of sightings and reports from people who have reported having contact with extraterrestrials as evidence that something is out there.”

    But what he calls the “cultism” surrounding the study of UFOs and false reports by attention-seeking hysterics detracts from evidence given by witnesses or people who claim contact, Westwood says, “aren’t any crazier than anybody else.”

    Tracing UFO reports is “an interesting kind of detective story,” Westwood said.

    “It’s a Sherlock Holmes kind of thing in which you have to sort through a lot of BS looking for those nuggets.

    “In the end, some of the things fit, and some things don’t.”

    The Roswell crash and recovery isn’t the only UFO crash in the annals of the study of UFOs, Westwood said. “It’s just the best known,” he said.

    Anyone with Information about a 1941 crash may contact James Westwood at:

    5608-34 Willoughby Newton Drive, Centreville, Va., 20120,

    or call him at

    (703) 222-0978.


    For any of you that are interested in the truth about UFOs and Aliens there is a new show on the SCIENCE CHANNEL on cable TV. Our local Charter Cable here in Cape it is channel 768 SCIHD.

    Or you can watch three episodes on You Tube and I’ve included the sites below. You can copy and paste them to go directly there. The name of the show is UNCOVERING ALIENS and one of the primary characters is STEVE JONES the husband of a friend of mine. Steve also has a book on Amazon.com of his own experiences. He has been a “Contactee” for most of his life. His book is “An Invitation To The Dance: The Awakening of the Extended Human Family” by Steven Jones (Oct 10, 2010)




  7. My grandpa Clyde Elam had a gas station here in mountain view at that time. He was in business until the early nineties. My dad worked there when he was a kid. Would have been about 16 in 1966. He has 2 younger brothers who also worked there some. Wondered if it was his station you got your flat fixed at.

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