Big Change at Wib’s BBQ

Five generations of Steinhoffs have eaten at this BBQ joint on the edge of Jackson, even though I joke that they’ve only used three hogs since the place opened in 1947.

I had let the dishes pile up in the sink for three days (four now), so I had to make the hard decision: clean up the kitchen or eat out.

Wib’s won. When I pulled into a corner parking space, I saw something that caused a quiver in the universe. They had changed their sign.

Grammarians would lose their appetite

Wib’s got away with their skimpy helpings of meat because serious grammarians would lose their appetite as soon as they saw a sign in front of the eatery that proclaimed:





I could have sworn I had a picture of it, but we’ll have to make do with this one peeking around the corner. Click on it to make it larger.

The front has new blocks because a high school kid drove his car through the front of the building. I suspect that’ll be mentioned in his obit.

Now that the apostrophes have been put to rest and the place is safe for English teachers, I wonder if business will increase as much as the smoking ban helped the Pilot House?

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5 Replies to “Big Change at Wib’s BBQ”

  1. Just like your joke about only using 3 hogs, it appears that your own writing has gotten a little “thin” as well (2 photos and 7 paragraphs)…I guess you were too famished to contribute more content about it?

      1. I make fun of Wib’s and the amount of meat on the sandwiches, but I still go there at least a couple of times a month.

        That’s the great thing about this country: nobody is forcing you to eat there. As far as being ashamed of themselves, they’ve been in business since 1947. How many other Cape area eateries can claim that?

  2. Every time my aunt came down from St. Louis, she always had to go to Wibb’s for “sliced on toast.”

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