Bad News, Good News

Cape Cut Rate 09-03-2015The bad news is that a week or so ago, I cruised down Sprigg to Good Hope and notice that the top left side of the old Cape Cut Rate building had collapsed onto the street and sidewalk. The east wall looked like it was bulging out where its neighbor was gone like a piece of coconut cream pie with a slice missing.

I told my passenger I had better get back there before there was nothing but a pile of rubble left. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

The good news

Cape Cut Rate 09-03-2015The good news is that when I went down there Thursday afternoon, the damage had been repaired. Maybe someone has plans to save the old landmark building.

The sign that used to hang over the sidewalk is gone. The only trace I could find of it was a piece of cable that used to hold it up.

Here’s a post that has lots of links to earlier stories about the Haarig District.

3 Replies to “Bad News, Good News”

  1. About thirty five years ago, working for Mr Kelley,I cleaned up the second floor of the building. There were some beautiful old antique fixtures and showcases stored there at that time. It was a beautiful building then, I hope it can be saved.

  2. If it is obviously being saved, I’d be willing to bet SEMO has nothing to do with it. In their view, it’s taking up parking spaces.

  3. Ah, Cape Cut Rate where a 17-year-old could send a cab to pick up some adult beverages to be delivered to a residence. I’m told that upon delivery, the cabbie had the choice to hand over the goods and receive a generous tip or return it to the store. That’s what I heard anyway.

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