A Hole in Haarig

633 Good Hope collapse 08-08-2014When Wife Lila said she had seen something in The Missourian about a building collapsing on Good Hope Street, I could think of at least three likely candidates right away. It turned out to be the one at 633 Good Hope, just east of the old Cape Cut Rate (which was my first guess).

A recent Missourian story says the owner, Jeremy Ford, owns the two buildings on either side of the property, plus the Hookah Lounge and Cafe at 310 South Sprigg. Ford was quoted as saying he was going to turn the open space into a beer garden and incorporate it as part of the Hookah Lounge.

Cut Rate going to be KAVE

Cape Cut Rate 635 Good Hope 10-24-2011A few summers back, I ran into some workmen who said Ford was going to convert the old Cape Cut Rate into the KAVE, a teen hangout. Based on the way the roofing material was flapping in the wind, the water damage on the inside of the building and what appeared to be fire damage, I didn’t give that much of a chance of happening, and it hasn’t. You can see more photos of the Cut Rate, plus a bunch of links to other Haarig stories on this post.

Gallery of 633 Good Hope Photos

Here are some shots of 633 Good Hope after the collapse. One thing about it, this building was constructed when floor joists were massive hunks of wood that were at least 2″x12″.


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  1. What a wonderful era in our history, when family businesses had their store fronts on the street level, and lived upstairs.

  2. I don’t know of anyone else who could make ugly buildings into good pictures, but you did it again, Ken. It is sad to see the neglect of these old buildings and the old neighborhoods. My grandparents lived on Benton Street when I was young, and I loved walking up to Good Hope with my grandpa. We’d go to Suedekum’s Hardware for garden/household items and to Hirsch’s for candy. That was back when we could safely walk (or drive) the streets in that area. I’m sorry to say that those days are gone. I miss the OLD Cape!

  3. My grandparents lived on Good Hope St, 423 I think. Grandpa would take me along to shop at Suedekum’s on a Saturday afternoon in the late 1940’s. I loved to explore there. They had a large, glassed pocket knife display case that was my favorite place to wish. I recall saving up to buy my first .22 rifle there when I was a student at Central High. Fond memories for sure. Even today hardware stores are my favorite place to shop. Thanks grandpa.

  4. Correction. That was 323 Good Hope St where my grandparents lived. I think the house was built in the very late 1800’s. It was “faded glory” the last time I saw it. My aunt Dolly Schlue lived her entire life there, passing on only a few years ago at age 92. Joe

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