American Motors

American Motors S Kingshighway 11-02-2013I shot these photos of American Motors November 3, 2013, intending to do some research on the business, but I never got around to it. The building was on S. Kingshighway north of the intersection with South Sprigg and the old Viaduct Court. It was south of John’s Metal Iron and Salvage (AKA John’s Junk Yard).

It’s gone now

American Motors S Kingshighway 11-02-2013Mother and I took a quick drive down to Dutchtown Monday afternoon, made a quick turn on the old Highway 61 that leads to the Diversion Channel boat ramp to see how much the Mississippi was backing up into the Big Ditch, then headed north on Kingshighway.

When we got to where these photos were taken, Mother said, “Something’s missing.”

She was right. All that was left of American Motors was the parking lot.

Anybody remember anything about it? I’m sure I was never in there.

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  1. American Motors moved to Broadway at the old 66 Station by DQ about 6/8 years ago. The city decided the old building on Kingsway was in bad shape and wanted it removed, so it was torn down this summer.

  2. I grew up in the second house to the south of this building. In your photo of John’s Metal Iron and Salvage it is the house just in front of your station wagon. At the time you took the picture of the accident,Paul and Alice Kelley lived in the house.

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