99 South Park Avenue

99 S  Park Ave 10-10-2014Mother said she remembered buying meat at this building at 99 South Park Avenue when it was a grocery store. It’s at the corner of Park Avenue and Merriwether Street.

The only quick story I could find was in the Society News of the March 26, 1942, Missourian:

The marriage of Mrs. Hattie Huckstep Abbot and J.C. McLain of this city was performed by Rev. C.E. Fleshman at the Nazarene Church at 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon.

“Until resigning Saturday, Mrs. McLain was employed at the Roth Tobacco Co. Mr. McLain, who operated a grocery at 99 South Park Avenue 12 to 14 years, until a year ago, has bought a residence from his mother, Mrs. Katherine McLain, at 103 South Park Avenue, where Mr. and Mrs. McLain will live and will open a grocery store.

{That has to be one of the world’s longest run-on sentences.]

His mother, who lived at 103 South Park Avenue, will move to 101 South Park Avenue.

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  1. Very interesting house, with very nice Toyota Land Cruiser in the back, copy of the old Land Rover. I must admit that I do not remember the store. The church on the other corner is the same church Mike Ervin was married in the while I was still in college, probably 1970. The church looks the same! I had to find it on google earth and while snooping around the area on street level I saw the old Franklin School as they were tearing it down…very interesting.

  2. After it was a small grocery store in the ’50s, it became Burnett Meat Market. I remember buying fireworks from their stand around the 4th of July for several years.

  3. J.C. and Katherine McLain were my great grandparents (my mother’s grandparents). They are buried at McLain Cemetery and until the last few years we always put flowers on their grave. I don’t know a lot about them but will check with my Mom tomorrow.

  4. My family was living directly across the street at the corner of Merriwether and Park when I was born. At that time, Werners Market was located in the building at 99 South Park. Some time after that, they moved their grocery store to the corner of New Madrid Street and NW End Blvd. After several years at that location, they moved to the final location for Werners Market – on Missouri between Dunklin and New Madrid Streets).

  5. A man by the name of Henry Burnett opened a meat market at 99 S. Park, he specialized in meat and had very few groceries.I don’t remember the decade maybe 60’s and 70’s. This is probably who your mother bought meat from Ken.

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