Fish On My Windshield

Leaf on windshield 10-27-2015It was time to run some errands this afternoon. My first stop was to turn around and put on a long-sleeve shirt and to ditch the sandals for socks and shoes. It was one of my first tastes of what I remember Missouri winters to be like. It wasn’t all that cold, but it was gray, drizzling with just a tiny dose of ugly mixed in.

I turned the ignition key, decided I didn’t need to activate the seat warmers yet, flipped the switch to clear the rain off the rear window, then reached for the front wiper to flick off rain droplets and a plethora of leaves.

That’s when it suddenly felt like I was INSIDE an aquarium looking at fish swimming through a field of bubbles.

We don’t see this in Florida

Leaf on windshield 10-27-2015I apologize for the recent flood of fall foliage photos, but we don’t get colors like this in South Florida. The only way we can tell the seasons are changing is by watching the color of the tourist license tags.

It won’t take too many depressing gray days before I start digging through my files for pictures of sun, beaches and palm trees, so be patient.