2014 Saxon Lutheran Memorial Fall Festival

Frohna Saxon Lutheran Memorial 11-13-2010_0057Reader Ruthanna Schuessler Burroughs pointed out that the annual Saxon Lutheran Memorial Fall Festival will start October 11 at 9 a.m. and run through 4 p.m. Go to the Memorial’s website for directions and more information.

Ruthanna came up to Mother and me at the Altenburg Fair and said she was “Dutch” Schuessler’s niece. Dutch was one of my Dad’s most valuable employees. He was the hardest-working, gentlest, most loyal man I’ve ever met and Dad thought the world of him. It’s always fun when you can connect with your past like that.


Frohna Saxon Lutheran Memorial 04-19-2011_5571Here’s what she said you can see throughout the day:

  • Apple butter cooking
  • Homemade bread in the outdoor bake oven
  • Hand quilting
  • Spinning wool into thread
  • Cooking homemade lye soap
  • Blacksmith shoeing horses
  • Cross cut sawing
  • Hand grinding corn
  • There will be a country store and lots of vendors
  • Barns with old farm equipment
  • Old log cabins, houses and a couple of slave cabins
  • Guides will be around to tell you about the buildings

For a taste of the memorial

Frohna Saxon Lutheran Memorial 11-13-2010_0041If you’d like a sample of what you can see at the Saxon Memorial, go to this story I did about the place in 2011.