Man Walks on Moon

157-1/2 Morris Ave Athens 05-12-2014Wife Lila  and I, newlyweds, watched the moon landing from a bedroom in this apartment at 157-1/2 Morris Ave., in Athens, Ohio. The bedroom was so tiny that the BED barely fit it it. It was cooled by a beat-up old air conditioner that Dad had pulled out of one of his construction trailers.

To call it a dump would be an overstatement. I couldn’t afford a police monitor for the apartment, so I’d park my car where this blue one is, and alligator-clip a pair of wires to the monitor in the car, which was attached to a speaker in the living room.

The area above the garages was divided into two apartments, the two windows at the left were for the living room; the two higher windows to their right were the kitchen. The other two sets of windows belonged to another tenant.

When we moved out, the landlord, a local lawyer, said he was going to keep our damage deposit because of A, B and C. When I complained that those things existed when we moved in, he said, “Sorry, Kid, you should have made note of them.”

About a year later, the lawyer gave me a call. “You shot some photos of a car vs. train crash that could be very helpful to my client,” he said, like we were old pals.

Trust me, I got our deposit back on that deal.

Bob painted the apartment

Photo partner Bob Rogers moved into the place when we moved out. He shot the landlord a deal: you pay for the paint, and I’ll provide the labor. What the landlord didn’t know was that Bob planned to paint the whole interior in a flat black so he could use the walls as photo backgrounds.

I wonder if the person who is living there today ever managed to cover up  that black paint?

Footsteps on the Moon

KLS Droid Incredible screen capture 12-23-2013Space has been in the news recently with China’s soft landing of the Jade Rabbit on the moon’s surface, the first human touch since 1976. That’s what caused this photo to catch my eye.


KLS Droid Incredible screen capture 12-23-2013Back when I was organizing Full Moon bike rides around Lake Okeechobee, I wanted to know if the coming full moon was going to rise at an appropriate time for the ride, so I installed a moon phase application that would give me the info I needed.

An added bonus was that it came with a desktop image that showed a representation of what the orb was doing at that particular time. I was flipping through the screens on my HTC Droid Incredible and noticed that the Footprint ap that takes a photo and embeds address and GPS coordinates in it was sitting right on top of the moon.

It’s funny that I had been using those applications for several years now without ever noticing that.

Going into slow week

Everybody is going to be super busy with family activities for the next week. I’m going to keep posting, but I won’t be doing any really heavy stories (as this one indicates) for a few days.

I WILL have a special announcement about an Amazon Prime special promotion that starts December 26 that will save you a bundle of money on shipping costs. Stay tuned.