Cape Splash Adds Big New Slide

Cape Splash 06-10-2015Summer has hit Cape hard. We’ve been in the 90s the past few days, and I’m already hearing the people who complained about the cold winter wishing it would come back. I’ve been watching stuff happening on the northeast side of Cape Splash for several weeks.

(You might remember that this is just about where I thought the Heisler Heifer Highway came out.)

Five flumes

Cape Splash 06-10-2015The Missourian reports that what I’m seeing is a new slide with five flumes: a three-lane mat racer this is 319 feet long and has a 30-foot-tall tower; a 265-foot partially enclosed free-fall slide, and a 259-foot triple-drop slide. The story says that the cost of the project, including a contingency allowance, is $1.27 million.

The first thing that strikes me (other than the cost) is the amount of hot concrete there is to walk on. Wife Lila, who just did her first mile swim of the year, says that white concrete isn’t hot.

I defer to her wisdom (we’ve been married since 1969, so I’ve gotten good at that), because I rarely walk around outside barefoot. I stepped on a bee when I was about two years old and came to the conclusion that shoes were invented for a reason.

Looks like a chain gang

Cape Splash 06-10-2015After shooting the first two photos, I wondered what the heck those folks were doing? They appeared to be walking back in forth with grim determination. They looked like older folks, but didn’t care enough to walk back to the car for a longer telephoto lens to confirm that (you DID hear me say the temps were in the 90s, right?).

Since there was no splashing or frivolity going on, I could only conclude they were walking in water as a Good For You Exercise, not for fun.

Click on the photo to maker it larger to see if you agree.

Other water parks

Long before Cape even thought about a water park, my kids slid down the Lickitysplit Water slide halfway between Cape and Jackson. Of course, even before that, we had Hubble Creek in the Jackson City Park to frolic in.

Cape’s New Water Park

Cape voters passed a Parks and Recreation Storm Water bond issue that included the construction of a Family Aquatic Center at the Osage Center on N. Kingshighway, this side of Cape LaCroix Creek. I don’t know if the official name is going to catch on. Everyone I heard mention it called it the Water Park.

There was a lot of wrangling over whether or not is was a good use of money, but, in the end, it’s projected to be finished by Memorial Day, reported a story in The Missourian on April 8.

Remember the Lickitysplit Water Slide?

I’m not sure when the Lickitysplit Water slide on the way to Jackson on 61 opened. I know I never went down it, but my kids loved going there when we were visiting Cape in the summertime.

There’s nothing left of it today except a few undulations in the hill and some blacktop that the grass is gradually taking over.

Google Earth Mar. 5, 2003

It’s the curvy thing in the middle of the frame.

By 2005, Google Earth showed it gone like a giant had taken a big eraser and rubbed it out.

Google Earth May 11, 2005 needs updating

Wife Lila helped come up with the name of the Water Slide by finding a site called

It assured readers that “Besides being a great place to live, work, and raise children, Jackson is also a fun place to live. Some of Jackson’s most well-known and beloved recreational activities are listed below.”

Methinks that site must not have been updated recently. Anybody who would want to take advantage of the Slide’s “water fun during the summer months” today would go home with a serious case of butt brambles.

Besides being a great place to live, work, and raise children, Jackson is also a fun place to live. Some of Jackson’s most well-known and beloved recreational activities are listed below.