Shooting’s Fun for Everyone

Shooting's Fun for Everyone pamphletI ran across this pamphlet that was dated February 1, 1966. Maybe that’s a second or third printing, because it looks like something I would have read when I got my Daisy pump BB gun for Christmas in either the second or fourth grade.

I remember the grades because we put on a school play where kids with rifles were supposed to bring them so we could do a scene as soldiers performing the manual of arms. Where Miss Gade got her knowledge I don’t know, but she could have been a drill instructor for the way she had us slinging our rifles around.

I hesitated to post this because I didn’t want to get into a “guns are good” / “guns are evil” typical brawl. You are welcome to leave comments, but if I see more heat than light being produced, I’ll close off comments. The publication, it says, was issued by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc., but there are NRA references throughout it. It was certainly a more innocent time.

Photo gallery of pamphlet

The two-page spreads were too big to fit on my scanner, so I had to make two passes and merge them. That’s why some of them don’t exactly match up. Click on any image to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around.

Oh, yes. My BB gun was still in the attic. The crosshairs in the scope don’t work, but the gun still cocks and would probably still hit the target after all these years. Check out the rolled-up pants cuffs; some of them are rolled half-way up to the knee. I guess money saved on having to buy clothes for a growing boy went for ammo.