The Era of Big Hair

Linda McGregor c 1964Remember the Era of Big Hair? This negative sleeve had a number of different assignments in it, along with a cryptic “Linda M.” After consulting with the Central High School yearbook and Wife Lila, I’m going to guess it’s Linda McGregor, who was a sophomore in the 1965 Girardot.

This must have been some kind of sporting event because both girls have Tiger emblems.


Linda McGregor c 1964The woman at the left doesn’t seem to approve of whatever hijinks and tomfoolery are going on.

Mystery girl

Girl c 1964 5I was willing to take a stab at Linda, but I don’t have a clue who her friend is. Anyone? Click on the photos to make them larger if that helps.

You’d think a photographer would have a ready-made excuse to collect names and phone numbers from cute girls, but my level of social self-ineptitude kept me from obtaining that information for personal use, and I didn’t bother to ID anyone who wasn’t going to make me five bucks in the paper.