The Road Not Taken

Scenics 01-11-1969When I wasn’t shooting assignments, I was usually cruising around looking for interesting people, places and situations. I thought this farmstead in southern Ohio interesting enough to pull over for a quick photo.

There was a curious mix of vintage cars, VW bugs and a VW bus in front of the old farmhouse, barn and outbuildings. It wasn’t unusual to be greeted by barking dogs, but these guys seemed to be a little more unfriendly than most. The barking dog on the left didn’t worry me as much as the guy just peeking over the rise on the right. (You can click on the photos to make them larger.)

I hate little yip-yip dogs

Scenics 01-11-1969

I’ve managed to make it into Medicare age having been bit only twice in my life: once when I was a paperboy and once by a neighbor’s dog down here in Florida. In both cases, the culprit was one of those annoying little yip-yip dogs that are like rats with an attitude – and just about as useful.

This guy, though, didn’t look like he would fool around. I decided to leave this a road not taken. I wondered what was down that lane that warranted this much protection. My first thought was moonshine, but the VWs made me lean toward illegal herbs.

Or, it might just be they valued their privacy and didn’t want any visits from the Avon Lady.

Putting on the Dog (and Cat)

Dog and Cat 01-23-1970I was working on a post when I encountered a technical glitch. Instead of giving up, I explored everything I could think of, then I went over it one more time with feline. Still broken.

Kind of reminded me of the old story about the man who thought Fifi the poodle was off her feed.

The Doc said he didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with the poodle, but the man INSISTED that he conduct every possible test. Rather than subjecting the animal to pokes, prods and other indignities, the doc went into the back room and came back with a cat on a leash. He led the cat around the ailing pet for a couple of circles without saying anything.

He then went into the back room and came back with a DOG on a leash. The dog gave one sniff, then turned and walked away.

What was THAT all about?

“What was THAT all about? the concerned pet owner asked.

“Take Fifi home. The cat scan and the lab report came back negative.”

The wall of desperation

Pomeroy Frog Jumping Contest 06-23-1968This is what journalists do when faced with a deadline and nothing to fill the space. I’ve been there before. Remember the Pomeroy Frog Jumping contestant and Nellie Vess?