Deer, Deer, Deer

Deer Old Jackson Road 08-13-2013_5237This just goes to prove I can’t (a) pass up taking pictures of deer and (b) writing bad headlines about them.

Buddy Terry Hopkins and I were riding around coming back from our Super Secret Mission to acquire Blue Hole Garden BBQ sauce, when we spotted these deer on what we used to call Old Jackson Road between Cape and Jackson.

You can click on the photos to make them larger. This deer looks like it has a fresh gash across the right flank.

Good thing I had a camera

Deer Old Jackson Road 08-13-2013_5245The deer were outside Terry’s window, so I pulled as far off the road as I could and rolled his glass down. He’s lucky I was shooting with my camera and telephoto zoom instead of a gun. He’d be deaf and probably missing part of his nose otherwise.

Terry’s Hawaiian shirt must have offended them, because they didn’t stick around long.

With a final flick of a tail

Deer Old Jackson Road 08-13-2013_5246With a final flick of a white tail, they were gone.

We saw deer on at least three residential streets on our meanderings that day. I don’t think we EVER saw one in town when I was a kid. Of course, in those days, we weren’t IN town. We were still outside the city limits.

Two other deer stories

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