International Turtle Day

Note on Mary Steinhoff's water heater 03-23-2016I went into the Buchheit Store between Cape and Jackson looking for a hot water heater for Mother’s house. It’s been banging and clanging for years, but I think the tank is so filled with sediment that there’s no room for water. Missouri cold water is a lot colder that Florida cold water, as I found out in the shower the other morning.

On the side of the tank, in my handwriting, was a note, “6/19/87.”

I called Wife Lila’s brother, John Perry, who had installed it, and said, “John, you told me that this thing had a lifetime warranty.”

“Well,” he said, “When I told you that, I never thought you’d live this long.”

But, that’s not really the point of the story.

“Your hat has a turtle on it”

KLS selfie 03-23-2016The young gal at the customer service desk bagging fresh popcorn looked up when I asked where the hot water tanks live and said, “Today is International Turtle Day, and you are wearing a cap with a turtle on it.”

Indeed, I was. It’s the logo for the real estate company Kid Matt works for down in Jupiter, Florida.

(P.S. Kid, the hat is looking a little bedraggled, certainly not the image that a high-end real estate company would want to project. Maybe it’s time for a new one.)

“Easy content,” I thought. I’ll look up a few factoids about International Turtle Day, grab a few file photos I’ve run of turtles and turn in early.

Alas, it WASN’T International Turtle Day

Turtle and Dog 1966March 23 ISN’T International Turtle Day. It’s been May 23 since it was started in 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue. To add to the confusion, I’ve seen it as both World Turtle Day and International Turtle Day.

The puppy and I have the same expression.

Well, at least the gal was right about where the hot water heaters were.