Bill’s Transition to Jacqie

When I first cranked up this blog and started connecting with folks from the past in Cape, Wife Lila and I got this short message on Facebook:

Hi lila and kenny. Its bill jackson but if you have facebook, you will discover that many changes have taken place. It seems that after all these years I am more comfortable as Jacqie, my female half and counterpart. Florida is much more familiar with this than cape. The reunion should be very interesting.

Bill Jackson, Class of 1966

I remembered Bill. He played sports and was active in music. Lila, being in the same class, not only knew him, he was her first high school date. The dating thing didn’t go on long, but they became close friends working as lifeguards and swimming instructors at the Cape Pool and the Natatorium.

Jacqie in St. Louis

In October, we met up with Jacqie at the Bar 5 to see her perform Karaoke. Her story of the transition from Bill to Jacqie was interesting enough that we made arrangements to meet when we came back to Cape in the spring.

I photographed Bill on the riverfront on Saturday, then interviewed his female counterpart on Sunday. To answer the question that I know you WANT to ask, Jacqie describes herself as “a heterosexual male cross-dresser.”

Watch the video. It’ll explain a lot.

Bill’s Transition to Jacqie

Jacqie will be attending the reunion on June 25-26.