Rerun: Stairs to Nowhere

Bertling-Big Bend 03-16-2010_0041I had always wondered about the concrete stairs to nowhere and some foundations at the corner of Bertling and Big Bend Road.

After posting some pictures of the corner on March 27, 2010, the answers started rolling in.

Since this is a rerun, I’m not going to give it all away.

You’re going to have to follow this link to get the whole story because all the good stuff is in the comments. If you follow links in the original story, you’ll read about the 1957 fire that claimed the life of a toddler.

Less tragic (except to the chickens, I suppose) was the 1935 grisly discovery of 17 chicken heads on the side of the road, a tip-off to a raid on the 29 hens and a rooster at that address. (A least two miscreants were involved: one with average size shoe tracks and one with extremely large ones. Be on the lookout. They may still be out there.)