Rerun: Barber Shops

Cape Girardeau Barber Ed UngerOne of my first scans was barber Ed Unger giving a young boy a haircut. Ed started cutting hair in 1935 and kept going until he retired in 1983.

The thing I liked about him was that he let me read my comic book in his chair.

This post is where I figured out that a photo doesn’t have to be technically great to be good memory touchstone.

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Stylerite Barber Shop

Ken Steinhoff  self portrait in old Stylerite Barber Shop 312 S Sprigg 10-24-2011In 2011, I got permission to go into the old Stylerite Barber Shop at 312 South Sprigg, Ed’s old shop, and the one where I dropped many a hair on the floor. (I probably should have held onto a few of those.)

I took a self-portrait in the mirror where I had stared back at a much younger, comic-book-holding Ken half a century earlier. I don’t know for a fact that it was the same mirror, but I like to think it was hanging there waiting for my return.

Both posts attracted some good comments.

Sisco’s and Skinner’s

1967 Achievement - Cape Ricardos 47 I made some extra money when I came home on Christmas break in 1967 by roaming around taking pictures of buildings for the upcoming Missourian Achievement Edition.

Among the targets was the Sisco’s Professional Barber Salon next to Ricardo’s Italian Swiss Chalet Ristorante in the 700 block of Broadway.

I also snapped Skinner’s Barber shop next to Eggiman’s Authorized Dealer of Maytag and Admiral Appliances on South Plaza Way. The shop must have had a short life, because it didn’t even show up in the 1969 City Directory.