Coming Into Jonesboro

Jonesboro IL 04-12-2015My world is divided into categories:

  1. Stuff I don’t notice
  2. Stuff that is interesting enough to think about stopping to shoot
  3. Stuff I stop to shoot
  4. Stuff I shoot and figure out what it is

This building got promoted

Now that I’ve been going through Jonesboro,Ill., on the way to Athens, Ohio, on a more or less regular basis, I’ve been noticing this tiny building as you come into the town (which you usually hear as Anna-Jonesboro, even though they are separate entities).

It has long been on my Number 2 list, but yesterday I promoted it to Number 3 and pulled off long enough to bang off a couple of frames. I was in too much of a hurry to knock on doors to advance it to Number 4.

It’s sort of like this odd building in Glouster, Ohio.