They’re Building Kids Bigger

Ken Steinhoff in Air Force uniform c 1953One of my most prized possessions as a kid was an air force uniform my folks bought me when I was in kindergarten or the first grade. I have no idea where they bought it – I’m going to guess Buckner-Ragsdale – nor why. We didn’t have a family tradition of military service, but I was sure proud to wear it.

It must have been buried back in Cape because I don’t recall taking any photos of Sons Matt and Adam in it.

We almost waited too long

Malcolm Steinhoff in Ken Steinhoff's Air Force uniformIt surfaced almost too late for Grandson Malcolm to put it on. The pants and sleeves were way too long, but the jacket was snug on him.

It’s Graham’s turn

Graham Steinhoff in Ken Steinhoff's air force uniform 05-12-2014When we went out to see Grandsons Graham and Elliot the other night, I said we should take the uniform with us to see if it would fit 3-year-old Graham. Wife Lila said it was way too big for him.

She was both right and wrong. The jacket sleeves were so long she had to roll them up, but he was big enough around that she had a hard time getting the buttons fastened. It’s hard to believe that a boy his age would be bigger in the chest than I was when I was 5 or 6. It’s not like there’s a dollop of fat on him, either.

He’s Buzz Lightyear

Graham Steinhoff in Ken Steinhoff's air force uniform 05-12-2014Graham wasn’t exactly clear what air force guys do, but he was prepared to save the world as Buzz Lightyear. We’ll have to keep a close eye on Elliot, who just turned 16 months old, to make sure he doesn’t outgrow the outfit in the next year.