High School Clubs and Activities

Central High School had activities to appeal to just about every interest. The Chess Club, for example, didn’t have cheerleaders, but the 1965 Girardot yearbook pictured 16 members.

Knitting Club

The Knitting Club had 17 members in the yearbook.

Co-Operative Education

C.O.E, as it was better known, gave students a chance to work with local businesses. About 75 students participated in the program. Paul Reitzel, left, and Vicki Berry, right, received the J. Doyle Summers Award for outstanding achievements in Co-Operative Education in 1965. I don’t know who the man in the middle is.

Art projects

I don’t know if these objects were the product of the Art Club (24 members) or Art classes.

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  1. The man in the middle was the COE teacher. I wish I could remember his name. DUH. Names are the first to go.

  2. I think the girl in the art photo is Martha Blattner. Great to see these old photos and remember all those clubs. I LOVED Silver Spear and Red Dagger drama clubs. BTW does any know what ever happened to Mr. Dan Moore who taught Spanish and also sponsored Spanish Club. I would love to be in touch with him to let him know what a big influence Spanish has been in my life. . . now with a son working and living in Spain!

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