UFO Docking Stations Discovered

Purple Martin birdhouses North County Park 08-09-2014Breaking News!!!!!!

UFO docking station was discovered in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Alien life forms have been detected arriving and departing from pods at irregular intervals. We’ll keep our camera glued to the scene so you can see the action as it happens.

Five hours later

Breaking News !!!!! It has been brought to our attention that the “UFO docking station” is really a bunch of purple martin birdhouses at the North County Park and that the alien life forms are birds feeding on mosquitoes.

Stay tuned for news as it breaks and corrections as we get around to them. Remember, “It’s News to Us.”


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  1. Purple Martins are beautiful, acrobatic birds. Contrary to popular believe, their diet does not include a large amount of mosquitoes. Bats consume a larger amount of mosquitoes. Purple Martin are aerial insectivores and consume a variety of flying insects at heights higher than mosquitoes live.

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