Regions Bank – Colonial Tavern

Regions Bank Building 12-12-2015I was stuck at the traffic light at Broadway and Kingshighway back in December, so I had time to shoot this photo of Regions Bank.

It’s still the Colonial to me

Colonial Resturant CrashI can’t sit at that light, though, without seeing the Colonial Tavern in my mind’s eye. When I shot this picture of a wreck, it was branded the Colonial Restaurant. It was also called the Colonial Inn, too, if I remember right.

It’s worth revisiting that post for the comments people left.


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  1. It’s great to see the old Colonial Tavern as it once was. For a number of years during the war our family was taken there for Christmas Dinner by Grandfather. It was even said that he supplied from one of his farms the beef that was roasted and an uncle brought in some geese shot across the river for one of those meals. This enabled very special meals during those times of meat rationing. It was the best restaurant in town at that time in my opinion. Across from the Colonial was the Alvarado Tavern. Remember that one?

  2. Oh yes, I remember the Colonial Tavern as well as the Alvarado Tavern ! Had eaten in the Colonial and remembering the food was good, didn’t have a drink as I was a little young at the time ! Think the Alvarado had gas pumps outside but may be wrong about that ! How time fly’s !

  3. A very Adult place, and I did have several meals there growing up in Cape over the years. It used to be the Only place where you could go late at night, after 12 PM to get anything to eat. So the Colonial Tavern was the place for that crowd. One night while “camping out” at Mike Friese’s house on Anna Street, we all ( Bill Bishop, John Hodges, and myself )walked to the Colonial in the wee hours and ordered food. After eating we began walking back to Mike’s house on Broadway. Along comes a police cruiser and the police man talked to us, found out who we were and what we were doing, and then offers us a ride back to Mikes house. We of course said it was a nice night and continued to walk to Mike’s house. The next day Mike’s dad knew the whole story of our adventures by noon…he did not get on to us or anything, but the message was clear. The Adults are out there and they are watching all the you eighth graders in town. We lived in a different time I guess, we were surrounded by people who watched over and cared for all of us. The kids of this age miss that and are poorer for it.

  4. When our high school competed in the District Speech and Drama Tournaments in the late ’60s. our director, Glenn E. Smith, would take us to the Colonial for a victory dinner. We little country teenagers from P.B. felt so grown up and special.
    I can still taste my favorite–the open-face roast beef sandwich. Those dinners were heaven, in so many ways!

  5. I remember the Colonial as being a really good place to have a great meal and socialise with family, friends and associates. Not sure if this generation would appreciate what the Colonial offered its patrons with so many meals today considered to be “fast food”. I have many pleasant memories of the Colonial.

  6. Many was the before sunrise coffee my dad and I had at the tavern en route to squirrel hunting at Sedgewickville (which in my youth I considered to be heaven in Bollinger County).

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