Veterans Day Flag Display

Mother suggested we swing by North County Park to see the flag display on the way to run some errands. I have to admit that I wasn’t all that crazy about doing it because I shot it Veterans Day 2010.

Here’s something I learned at my third newspaper: Things are going to keep coming around like clockwork. When you shoot an event the first time, it’s exciting. Well, maybe not exciting, but interesting. When the anniversary of that event comes around the next year, you have to scratch to drum up some enthusiasm for it. Just before the third iteration of it came around, I found myself gathering up my portfolio and sending out resumes. There was always a little cog in my head that would click when I recognized it was time to head out to a new newspaper.

Finally, by the time I got to The Palm Beach Post, I figured out that all newspapers were screwed up and, when you find one that’s a little less screwed up than most, you should stay. When I was coming up on my magic three-year anniversary at The Post, they made me department head, so I could send other photographers out to shoot that recurring assignment.

Headed off to active duty

So, anyway, we ended up at the park. Even though I had been there, done that, it’s such a moving spectacle, particularly on a windy day, that I had to get the camera out. There was a photographer and a young couple dressed in Navy duds blocking traffic while she was taking their photo. When I say “young,” I mean young enough that they looked like they should be playing with plastic boats in the bathtub, not going off to active duty, which is where they were headed.

It’s considered bad form to horn in on another photographer’s shoot, so I took this from a discrete distance and then left them alone.

Just back from Afghanistan

When I got out of the car, a young guy wearing a black Airborne T-shirt had just taken some photos and was walking back to his car.

“Sure is purty, ain’t it,” I said in passing.

“It is to me,” he said. “I just got back from Afghanistan.”

All I had time to say before he disappeared was, “Thank you for your service.”

Missourian blogger James Baughn beat me to the story this morning, but I can’t improve on his headline, “Blog without words: Veterans Day flag display at Cape County Park North.”

More flag photos

Be warned: if I’m in Cape next year at this time, I’m either going to have to get my portfolio ready to mail or I’m going to have to skip going to North County Park. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the picture to move through the gallery.

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  1. I wanted to find a photo of the Avenue of Flags at the park earlier this evening on line for Veterans Day…didn’t come up with any! Thank you for sharing the photos! Honor waves in freedoms breeze for all those who served & sacrificed…with deep appreciation & remembrance…the “Glory” waves & stands for all!

  2. Your incredibly beautiful “Headed off to active duty” photo brought a boulder-sized lump to my throat. You captured everything in that picture. Thank you.

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than our flag flying gracefully in the wind – except when there are young soldiers included and then it brings tears to my eyes.
    Well done!!!!! I salute all who serve/served!!!!!! They are the treasures of our country.

  4. Thank you for this moving tribute. Thanks to all those serving and who have served. It is good to see
    Veterans get the recognition they deserve.
    Yesterday I took Mom to a restaurant for lunch and a gentleman I judge to be of WWII or Korean War age walked into the restaurant in full uniform. He was a Marine who I judged to be a “gunny” Sargent. He was well decorated and his walk was as erect as if he was on parade. He was going in as I was helping Mom out so I didn’t get to talk to him.

  5. I always made a point to call my father in law and give him thanks for his service in Europe. I never heard him talk much about it unless he was with another vet. He was a frail man, never would have guessed he jumped from a C47, nor believe he was a prisoner of Hitlers army. He has long since passed now, but being close to him gave me a greater appreciation of the sacrifices our Vets have to make.

    Thanks to all of you for protecting our country.

  6. Bill East,

    I would like to Thank your family for your sacrifice. I know that saying that will never be enough. When ever I start to feel a little down, I think of Roger and the rest that “gave all”.

    I graduated with Roger. Rodger was viewed by all that dealt with him as a standup guy back in the day. Competitive as all get out, but a standup guy. Let your family know that he is remembered often and not just on November 11.

    Thanks Again
    Greg David

  7. What a special sight for a beautiful Veterans Day. I am a flag waving teary eyed Christian American. Without the many men in my own family and millions of others who were and still are willing to serve for our freedom, we would not be able to enjoy the special blessings GOD gives us each day. The men in my family served in WWI, WWII, Korea, and I had two brothers and two brothers-in-law who served in Viet Nam, along Desert Storm and some are still serving. I say special prayers for their safety and the needs of their families because so often we forget the extreme sacrifice they made and are still amking for this precious FREEDOM that we sometimes take for granted. Thank you for the photos.

  8. Thanks Ken… No words can explain the feelings those pictures bring.. to Rogers family and others. Thank You… Burt

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