Capaha Lagoon Swimmers

I see in The Missourian that the city is going to pull the plug on the Capaha Park swimming pool, literally. While rooting around trying to find pool pictures, I ran across these kids picking the lagoon instead of the pool.

Mystery swimmers

The top shot feels vaguely familiar, so it might have run in the paper. There wasn’t a date on the negative sleeve, so I didn’t have an easy way to track it down. There were kids swimming in a pool in other frames, but it wasn’t the Cape pool. It looked like it might have been a swimming class taught at a local motel pool.

Still looking for pool pictures

I’m still digging for those pool photos. I know I’ve got the stuff from the Millie the Duck series, Lila’s synchronized swimming team, swimming classes, swim meets and diving competition. Be patient.

If you DO need a Capaha Swimming Pool fix, here’s some photos of a dance party held there one night.

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  1. That is me, Brenda Strop McNeely, Paula Corbin deceased Scott Koch and I’m not sure of the other person.

  2. Of course, Ken! Your site is getting more & more popular: You can’t hide from your loyal readers!
    My husband’s fraternity brothers (Pike) threw him into that pond late one night, after our pinning ceremony on the steps of Leming Hall. He said he had to wade the duck poop to get out, a nasty business! I’m most grateful that my dorm sisters did not do the same to me, as I was wearing one of my roommate’s outfits.
    That was 50 years ago, and my husband has been gone 14.
    Good memories!

  3. I would have never believed anyone would swim in that nasty water if I hadn’t seen the pictures for myself. And with a perfectly good pool just up the hill, too!

  4. Would love to see the Millie the Duck pictures. I remember the duck making her nest at the base of the tree inside the pool sundeck area. In fact, a picture of me and another girl looking at the duck ended up in the paper.

    1. The odds are very good that I was the one who took your photo. I was The Missourian’s designated Millie the Duck Documentarian. I’ve been holding off publishing anything until I find all the negs of the duck saga that drove reporter Denny O’Neil crazy.

      Your photo is one of the ones Missing In Action, alas. Stay tuned. It’ll turn up. You can see the circle in the concrete where Millie’s tree was in one of these photos.

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