New Life for Lorimier Apartments

Lorimier Apartments 04-01-2016A reader sent me good news the other day: the old Lorimier Apartments across from Indian Park at Lorimier and William are being worked on.

When I photographed them in July of last year, I figured they would keep deteriorating until they fell in.

Laura Simon wandered around

Lorimier Apartments 04-01-2016There was nobody around to ask permission to go onto the property when I drove by, but Missourian photographer Laura Simon spent some time documenting the place if you want to wander over to see her gallery.

Bridget Brown reported that Jason Coalter and Dustin Richardson of Centurion Development are doing the renovations. What’s interesting is that Bridget wrote the apartments were built in 1925, but I found Missourian stories mentioning the place as far back as June 7, 1919.

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  1. I spent the first couple years of my life in the Lorimer Apartments. A number of years later, we would return to a large home up on the hill just a number of blocks from that location. I delivered papers on a route that ran down Lorimer Street all the way down to the old bridge. Interesting to see the place again.

  2. I met my first wife at the Lorimer apartments. Left side, second floor. She and her roommate were both SEMO students. 1967.

  3. This was a good post to see and the reply from Jonathan Vogel as well. I recall the Ray Vogel family in that big house on the hill and a good, solid Cape family they were.

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