Hill and Hill Model

Hill and Hill sign by General Sign CoWhen I dipped into the General Sign Company box loaned by Terry Hopkins, the bright colors of the Hill and Hill Kentucky bourbon caught my eye. Since the sign company roamed all over the region, I don’t know where this particular building lived.

Painter brought along a model

Hill and Hill sign by General Sign CoIt was only when the picture was enlarged on the computer monitor that I saw that the sign painter had brought along a model.

Check out the bourbon bottle on the ground under the sign. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

I wonder if it made is back home safely?

2 Replies to “Hill and Hill Model”

  1. I am pretty am pretty sure the building was on Independence Street by the high school, and road in the back ground is going west, toward the old Schoenoff (sp) Dairy farm on the hill…my best guess…My bestest guess is that the model made it safely to sign painters home.

  2. That building is no longer extant. It was the building east of the building where B&H Auto Supply was located. There is a building with nearly white brick that has taken its place.

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