1965 Live Nativity Scene

Close to 2,000 people a day stopped by the live Nativity scene on the steps leading to the Common Pleas Courthouse in 1965. The exhibit proved so popular that the run was extended past the expected Christmas Eve closing date.

Gregory Williams overcame his initial fears to become friends with the display’s donkey.

Not sure about the animals

His sister, Ellen, wasn’t quite sure she was comfortable with the animals. She decided the fence was less likely to bite. Gregory and Ellen are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams, 2412 Brookwood.

A sheepish encounter

Linda and Roger Ziegler found out that the sheep would eat from the hands. Linda said the sheep were “cute.” Another child noted that the donkey is “bigger” than the donkeys on television. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. August Ziegler, 323 S. Middle

Boys wanted to stay overnight

A night watchmen found six boys in the exhibit one night. They weren’t there to cause mischief, he said. They just wanted to spend the night with the animals, they told him.

In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t have a great memory for names. I happened to run across the Dec. 24, 1965, Youth Page where these photos ran originally.

6 Replies to “1965 Live Nativity Scene”

  1. My sister and I went up to see the animals while Mom & Dad were at the A&P that was on Spanish Street. I never realized how cute I was back then.

  2. As always your talent has sparked memories of a wonderful childhood. What freedom we had in those days.I know the A&P was just down the street, but in todays world we don’t let our children out of our sight.I’m sure 65 had less freedom then I did in the 50’s.
    Thanks again for the memories
    Jerrette Davis Hobson

  3. Also on this youth page are two examples of how much has changed in the last 45 year. First is a report on the choir CHRISTMAS (not holiday) program at Central, and the second describes the artwork displays of the Madonna and Child done by Central art students.

  4. We have a pumpkin place near Wright City that is similar to a petting zoo with several animals but it is not quiet the same as the Christmas season nativity exhibit. I am somewhat sorry that Cape and other towns has gone from this family event to a Casino but maybe it is needed. I do not like the one in St. Charles but apparently a lot of people do.

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