Circus Elephant Comes to Town Plaza Shopping Center

If  you needed any evidence that Cape Girardeau’s shopping district was moving west and away from the Main Street / Downtown area, look at Fred Lynch’s F/8 and Be There Blog with Frony’s picture of Santa arriving by helicopter at the Town Plaza.

I took these pictures of a circus elephant at the shopping center give or take a few months from Frony’s Santa visit.

The elephant hose-down pictures were taken at the Standard station at the southwest corner of the parking lot.

Here’s a gallery of the photos. (Click on any image to enlarge it and move from photo to photo by clicking on the edge of the picture.)

Elephant at Town Plaza

These are the kinds of events that would have taken place downtown a decade earlier. Little did we know then that the Town Plaza would suffer much the same fate as downtown a few decades later as the center shifted even more westward.

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  1. Sorry, Kid.

    I swiped it from somebody else. The version I heard was the guy shot a Pulitzer prize winner of a woman jumping out of a burning building. When asked who he came to shoot the picture, he said, “F/8 and be there.”

    When I was named director of photography, someone on the photo staff gave me a name placard that said, “The F Stops Here.” I passed it on to Pete Cross when he moved into the slot.

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