Looking Down Broadway

Looking west on Broadway 11-13-2013I had a few minutes to kill Wednesday night, so I took a cruise down Broadway to look at the river. When I found out there was a big difference between my nice, warm car and the wind whistling down behind the floodwall, I retreated.

To keep the venture from being a total waste, I popped off a couple of frames looking west on Broadway from between Water Street and Main. This Florida boy has been spoiled by the long warm spell SE Missouri has been enjoying. Another few minutes and I’d have been as blue as the sky.

Here is a collection of Broadway stories I’ve done over the past few years.


7 Replies to “Looking Down Broadway”

  1. church steeple on right was First General Baptist Church long ago. Church was sold several times – was an antique store later. Don’t know who uses it now? Thanks for posting beautiful shot!

  2. When I was a kid, “down town” was Main Street, “up town” was Broadway, so I think your post should be “Looking Up Broadway.” Regardless it’s great photo Ken; however, you title it.

    1. As someone who has ridden a bike up the Broadway hill many a time, I’ll concede “up Broadway” to you. I get confused because I’m writing about different parts of the country I’ve worked in.

      People in Athens, OH, keep reminding me that their downtown is “uptown.”

  3. Of course Paul is correct. Everyone knows broadway flows down to the river. And so does the charm MPU Hopkins. You boys have been gone too long.

  4. I love our downtown, oldtown, or uptown, whatever you want to call it. I also appreciate all of your pictures and stories you post. I was wondering if a talented investigative reporter like yourself knew what is going on at the old sand company on the riverside east of Fifth Street. Something major is going on there, but I can’t tell what it is, and I’m not nosy enough to stop and ask. I thought it might be an interesting story for you while you are in town. The place has been idle for years, but right now it is bustling.

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